UCA Staff Who Skip Tipping Harm Students’ Ability to Pay for College

Like most college students, I ride the “struggle bus” to and from work and school almost year-round. I spend my weekdays at a desk, enhancing my future with the knowledge UCA offers me and my nights and weekends working in a restaurant so that I can pay UCA to educate me.

That is why it’s so hard for me to understand how university employees can come into restaurants and fail to tip their students adequately.

I have a lot of school pride, so when a higher-up worker or an employee wearing a UCA name tag comes into my work, I always greet them with a “Go Bears!” or acknowledge that I am a student at their place of employment.

With that being said, my coworkers and I have received some of the lousiest tips and the least respect from those very people.

I am not saying that all university staff exhibit this level of indecency. However, many of them have treated their servers and hosts terribly while wearing their name tags and serving as public faces of the university. In my opinion, that makes UCA and its workers look bad.

The students who work after their classes or throughout the summer are sacrificing their free time. They would much rather be spending their time doing something else instead of working for enough money to go to college.

I do not think this behavior comes from a lack of caring for students, but out of everyone who comes into a restaurant, UCA employees should know how much their students need to make income. They should understand that a 10 percent tip is not going to keep their students in college for very long.

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