Student opts to procure healthier food choices in Student Center

 I’m going to assume we have all been to the Student Center on campus at least once in our time here at UCA, and I know I’m not the only one who worries if what I’m eating is healthy or not.

As a freshman, I remember walking into the Student Center and being overwhelmed when I saw the various food options UCA has to offer: Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut, and do not even get me started on Mooyah’s burgers and fries.

As the semester went on, I began noticing that even though all the food tasted amazing, I could not continue to eat that way every day.

While there is a multitude of great tasting foods to choose from in the Student Center, I think it needs healthier options for students like me who do not wish to gain the dreaded “freshman 15.”

I don’t think UCA is doing a horrible job at providing things people want to eat, but what we want to eat and what we should eat should be offered with healthy and tasty options.

Not all students have the same diet and not all students can eat the same things due to religion or health reasons.

This leaves them left out when it comes to enjoying a nice lunch in the Student Center.

You would probably be surprised at how many calories you’re consuming when eating your favorite meals in the Student Center.

A chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A, their signature waffle fries and a medium coke contains over 880 calories. For someone eating this meal three to four times a week, it adds up quick.

One of Pizza Hut’s personal pan pizzas has over 600 calories on its own. That is not including a drink, dressing or whatever else you add with it.

The point being, eating these meals adds up and if you don’t watch what you eat, the “freshman 15” will be upon you, literally.

I would personally like to see more fruit and vegetable options at the Student Center, such as fruit salads, parfaits, grilled and steamed vegetables and healthier salads.

Options such as these are beneficial to student health when it comes to obesity, cholesterol, high blood pressure and so on.

These are little things we could change to make eating in the Student Center a healthier alternative for students coming to enjoy their time between classes.

For glutton intolerant students, we could add options such as mixed nuts, fish, turkey and fresh fruits.

Also, adding a wider variety of vegetarian options to the menu would be a great improvement.

Overall, I believe UCA is doing a great job at providing students with healthy options that we can grab on the go.

I think UCA needs to be more conscious of students who have special diets and provide more options for them so they don’t feel left out when it comes to choosing a snack before class.

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