Single-Occupant Options Too Expensive For Little Reason

If you’ve already paid tuition and housing fees, and you decide you don’t want a roommate, UCA Housing gives you the option of having a dorm room to yourself, at a whopping fee of $825.

This is an awful lot of money to pay with only three months left of school. Housing calls this fee a “single room upcharge” and it is only offered in the spring, depending on the demand for housing.

This “upcharge” goes on top of your initial housing deposit and housing fee, and it boosts the entire price of the room.

This price also depends on the dorm you live in, but $825 is the standard and cheapest price for the majority of dorms on campus.

This fee covers the cost of room and board charges for a single room. From what I understand, it’s the cost of water, electricity and maintenance for the room.

Single rooms can be a bit of an issue, since UCA Housing would rather have empty rooms than single occupant rooms.

At the end of rehousing in late February you’ll be required to fix the single room issue. If you’re like me, and your roommate left at semester, you have three options: find a roommate, have a roommate assigned or pay the fee.

It’s hard to hear “get a roommate or pay $825” when you only have a few days’ notice. This happened to me. I was only given a week notice before I was to be assigned a random roommate, so I decided to find a roommate.

Luckily for me, my friend had just moved into the single room next to me. Unluckily for her, that meant moving twice in one week.

She thought, as did I, that since there were other single rooms on our floor, that there was a low demand for roommates.

No one had even told her when she moved that she must pay or have a roommate. We found out only a few days later. So we decided that she would bunk with me, after she again went through the paperwork to get a key and again move all her belongings.

Neither of us were willing to spend the outrageous amount of $825.

I don’t understand how $825 only covers the amenities. In a single room wouldn’t you use less water and less electricity? Am I paying extra for some invisible roommate?

How many people actually need housing so late in the year? I still have so many questions as to why this fee is so expensive and why the expense is necessary.

If you aren’t willing to pay a huge sum either, then I wish you luck in finding a roommate or liking the roommate you have been assigned. The “single upcharge fee” is too expensive and there isn’t enough reason for it.

image via dorms.ucaa.org


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