Human Interference With Wildlife Harmful, Cruel

A video has gone viral of a man carrying a shark out of the ocean to take a “selfie” with the wild animal.

This is not the first video to make it to the internet that displays this sort of barbaric behavior. People seem to have gotten it in their minds that animals were put on this planet for their pleasure only, but are blind to the fact that what we do to the Earth’s other creatures has irreversible consequences.

Sadly, we live in a world now that people crave fame and popularity. They are constantly looking for “likes” and “retweets” and are putting everyone and everything’s safety after theirs.

Not only was it dangerous for the man and the people around him in the video to mess with the wild animal, but it also put the shark at risk as well.

Weeks before, a video of a person removing a baby dolphin from the water for the same purpose was uploaded and it has since been revealed that his actions led to the death of the baby dolphin because he waited too long to put it back in the water.

Fortunately a bystander saw the shark and quickly rescued it from the man and his camera, but the situation could have ended much worse.

Due to man’s inability to grasp the fact that we are not the only living creatures that matter on this earth, this planet is quickly beginning to come undone.

We are seeing more and more animals join the endangered species list and seeing some become extinct all together.

It is up to people to come together and fix the problems they created.

Today’s society has been built on the idea that we should do whatever we want to ensure our happiness, no matter the penalties. People do not realize their consequences will affect everybody in the future.

As a consequence of mistakes people have made in the past, our generation is seeing less bengal tigers and polar bears and if we keep disturbing nature’s peace then we could become the reason for other animal’s downfall and to many people’s surprise the world will not last without animals.

Humans need to stop seeing themselves as dominant over the world and see themselves as a part of this planet if we are to continue living in the world we do today.

Soon we will be living in a world with no animals, plants or clean water.

We are not above any other species or life form in the world.

We do have the ability, however, to help take care of the planet and all of the organisms living on it, so we should work our hardest to keep everything going in its natural order.

At the end of human existence it would be a pity to know the only animals left on earth were the humans because we decided having a selfie with a shark on our Facebook was more important than taking care of the planet and its needs.

image via indiatimes.com

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