Food delivery service useful tool for hungry studying students

Since news broke about a UCA food delivery service, the small company started by four UCA students has received exceptional feedback.

In the weeks the team has been at work, it has gained 727 Twitter followers as of March 31 and has already made several deliveries since its test run Feb. 26, with the first official run March 7.

If you have read the stories about the company in The Echo or on The Fountain Magazine, you saw the company start as a $20 business idea for a New Product Development class for students majoring in innovation of entrepreneurship.

Little did these four students know how the business would take off and have the success it has had.

I get first-hand knowledge of what’s going on with the business because my best friend senior Chris Webb is one of the founding members.

Every time I see him I ask or he tells me about how things are going with the delivery service and immediately he lights up and says things are going really well.

Why wouldn’t they?

Students get hungry and want food at the worst times.

They may be studying in the library or in their dorm and do not have time to get away and get food.

Not only does getting up to get food break a student’s concentration, it requires long walks to the student’s vehicle and giving up the precious parking spot they were able to attain after waiting several minutes and using gas to lurch around the lot to find a place to park.

It’s cool to hear updates about something your best friend helped start.

Not only have I seen positive reactions about the service on Twitter, but I have heard friends talk about how beneficial the business is.

I’m sure a majority of the people reading this do not know the long hours The Echo staff puts in to make this paper every week, but we have often talked about using this service.

This would be a huge break for us in the newsroom because it would allow us to get food while staying on campus in the later hours of the night like we normally need to.

Charging $5 on top of the meal keeps the meal inexpensive and very doable for college students.

This charge can and more than likely will increase as the company grows and becomes more popular.

I am tired of the food available on campus and I know some of my friends are too, so this is beneficial in more ways than one.

UCA Delivery delivers within a two-mile radius from campus and only requires a student ID.

Students can pay with cash and cards.

Webb, along with junior Drew Richardson and sophomores Abby Doshier and J.C. Goffe, should be proud of what they have accomplished in the short time they have been in operation.

Not only does starting this company benefit the four founders for the real world outside of school, but also benefits the students.

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