Female Celebrities Offer Much More Than Fashion

#AskHerMore is the trending hashtag surrounding the ongoing awards season.

The term originated in response to the biased questions presented by media on the red carpet. The quality of the questions asked to the men compared to the women is starkly different.

Male singers, directors and actors were asked questions regarding upcoming projects and reflections on their work, whereas women actors and entertainers were overwhelmingly asked one question: Who are you wearing tonight?

Fashion is a crucial aspect of awards shows. The exposure of the carpet allows the launch of budding designers and showcases the talents of fashion greats. However, the questions directed toward female entertainers should not be primarily dependent on their outfits.

The Representation Project encourages its readers to tweet various reporters #AskHerMore. The hashtag is a simple request that confronts the numerous problems regarding the coverage of the red carpet.

With shows like the Fashion Police and “Best and Worst Dressed” lists bombarding the Internet after every award show, women are targeted based on their physical appearance. Instead of being critiqued by their actual work and performances, the women are judged for the ten minutes that they spend walking into the event or awards show.

However, the obvious divide between the quality of questions directed at men and women is only the beginning of the gender gap in entertainment. There is a whopping 30 million dollar difference in income between the highest paid actor of 2015, Robert Downing Jr., and the highest paid actress of 2015, Jennifer Lawrence.

Issues such as equality in the industry are far more complex questions than, “Are you wearing Chanel or Giorgio Armani tonight?” The push to ask women about their actual work is only a start to solving the problems women face in the industry.

By focusing on a woman’s work, there is a shift from the harsh critique women face concerning their appearance, to a more concise representation of what a certain female entertainer is trying to add to the industry with her performances.

#AskHerMore is a brilliant tactic to level out the playing field for female entertainers.

This article originally appeared in the Jan. 20, 2016 print edition of The Echo. 

image via instyle.com

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