Digital reality for most current media in near future

Technology is progressing rapidly and for most people it is becoming a necessary aspect of their everyday lives. A large amount of media and products have gone completely digital, such as coupons, books, music, games, etc.

What I wonder is if this digital adaption will be a positive or negative thing for users. I believe for many consumers and companies, making the switch to a digital format has been extremely beneficial.

People no longer have to clip coupons or start a print book collection. They can simply pull their phones out and achieve the same goal without a physical trail. As a person who enjoys a minimalistic lifestyle, I am not opposed to this revolution. I find a shelf full of books and a cabinet full of video games to be cumbersome.

When Microsoft broke the news that it was going to completely eliminate the disk drive from the new Xbox console, users reacted negatively. Consumers were angered that they would no longer be able to share physical copies of games they purchase with their friends. Many gamers thought if they purchased the product that they should be allowed to physically own it.

On the other hand, I can see why buying a copy only for yourself even without the ability to share could be beneficial. It takes a lot of work from designers, artists and programmers to produce products such as video games. If one consumer buys a game and then lends it to a friend, there is the option for that person to make a copy for themselves. While seemingly harmless in the eyes of users, this task means all of the people who put work into the product are basically getting robbed.

The producers of a product, whether it be a book, game or album, deserve to make commission off the work they produce. Digital media use can reduce waste as well as clutter, making the option economically friendly as well. Full sections of stores are dedicated to used products that in some cases may never be owned again.

These products may be tossed out after a while because of age but they are not easy to dispose of. They do not biodegrade, thus creating the need for an unnatural way to eliminate them. In the digital form, getting rid of something is as simple as pressing “delete.”

Digital options can be beneficial to students as well. I hate the process of buying textbooks, carrying them around, returning them and being stuck with them when they are editions that are discontinued. If students could purchase one digital media device that could hold all their books and papers, once again, the trail would be reduced as well as the hassle.

I do understand the tradition of physical forms of media, but as humans we have the natural desire to progress. As consumers, we should be ready to start accepting different types of media switching to digital forms. This adaption is inevitable.

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