Communication, trust prove essential to successful relationships

I’m sure most of us have all been in some type of relationship. It may have been the love of your life in third grade, your high school sweetheart or a current relationship.

One thing I’ve learned from all the train wrecks that I call relationships that I’ve been in is that they are never easy.

My goal is to have a relationship like Beyoncé and Jay-Z because theirs is so real.

They’ve been together for at least 12 years, and while they may have been on totally different sides of the world, they are dedicated to each other.

But just like we saw earlier this year, not even their relationship is perfect. No relationship is always perfect.

Couples may try to seem happy on the outside, and while sometimes it may be good, every couple has a problem every now and again.

Some people put up with too much and aren’t happy with their relationships, and it shows.

Some people have few problems; nonetheless, problems will always happen.

If that person really matters, then you’ll find a way to work through anything, regardless of what it is.

We’re all humans, and we have to remember that about the people we get in relationships with because they’re going to slip up at some point.

That’s not to say let everything go and just move on, because when they mess up you need to let them know so they don’t just run over you.

If they hurt you, whether it is something they said or did, let them know.

Talk to them; communication is the biggest thing to have in a relationship. If you don’t talk, you don’t know what’s going on.

I’ve also learned that just because your partner doesn’t answer your text or call right away, you should not assume something is wrong. Odds are they’re just busy or not near their phone.

Most of the fights in my current relationship are because I assumed they were mad or doing something wrong when they were really asleep.

Trust is the next big thing that you must have for a good relationship. Without trust, you don’t have a relationship: You can’t just assume they’re doing something wrong if they’re not right beside you.

Because just like you like to have your free time, so do they.

Personal time is necessary because it allows the other person time to miss you, and it makes the times you have together even better.

All these things are necessary for a good relationship to become stronger. Without them, your relationship would fall apart and there would basically be nothing to it.

Relationships are never easy, but all of the hard work that is put into them makes them more special than ones that require no work. If a relationship is easy, then it probably is not real.

The ones that you work the hardest for are always the best because you see that you care enough to make it work, as does the other person.

Relationships are not one-sided; they require teamwork.

Both sides are equal and if one isn’t, then the relationship ultimately will crumble.

These are all things that I have learned while failing many times in relationships that weren’t real.

When you find the right person, you will do all of these things for them and they will return it.

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