Beyonce’s Beauty Stems From Self-Respect, Real Talent

Super Bowl 50 took place this past Sunday, with superstar Beyoncé commanding the halftime show.

The act featured Queen Bey herself and an assortment of female dancers marching across the field, and ended with Beyoncé joining Bruno Mars and Coldplay’s frontman, Chris Martin, for a brief stint on stage.

Aside from the alleged mishap where Beyoncé caught herself from falling, the performance was flawless. She upstaged Coldplay and Mars, but who didn’t expect that to happen?

This is the singer’s second Super Bowl performance, and like every other time Beyoncé turns on the microphone, she shuts down the house, or in this case an entire football stadium.

Why is Beyoncé so compelling? She is beautiful, rich and married to one of the most powerful men in the music industry; however, her key asset is not her looks, but how she conducts her life.

Beyoncé’s life is prime example of balance. She is commanding, yet vulnerable.

She offers the perfect balance between keeping her fans immersed in her creative work, but guards her personal life pretty fiercely.

Her marriage to rap-god Jay-Z does not define her as a person, as she is able to remain her own entity. The singer knows what she believes in and her work is a reflection of her thoughtful nature.

As far as her music goes, the singer has stuck to what she is good at, upbeat pop songs.

While she has dabbled in ballads, I still have a hard time keeping myself together anytime I hear “If I Were a Boy” or “Halo,” she knows that her confident tracks like “Crazy in Love,” “Single Ladies” and “Run the World (Girls)” are what has solidified her fame in the music industry.

Her music often is laced with a feminist theme – one that is not overbearing, but simply is a message that projects confidence in her female identity.

Compared to rap songs that constantly objectify women and their bodies, Beyoncé produces music that is sexy, but with lyrics that still respect herself and her fellow females.

I don’t know anyone who outright does not like Beyoncé; there might be some debate whether or not the singer is overrated, but to me she is the real deal. It is her essence of class that draws me to the performer.

In a time where flashy and outrageous will land people on reality TV shows and record deals, she uses her talent to propel her work.

It helps that the singer is naturally beautiful, but she is just as beautiful bare-faced as she is glammed up at the Grammys.

I am just as compelled to watch how she produces an album or a piece of work, what she is influenced by and how she formulated these ideas, as I am enjoying the finished product.

This is a reflection of a true artist: a performer who can draw in their fans with their process and not just some catchy pop song.

She garnered her title as Queen Bey through years of hard work, and I am one fan who cannot wait to see what else she does with her reign.

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