Freshmen must be careful with schoolwork

Every year a new set of students step on to campus, feeling a new sense of freedom. Those freedoms sometimes lead students to become misguided and can cause problems.

I believe there are several steps that can be taken to become a successful college student.

Step one is to come prepared. When coming to college, students have to learn to have the right mindset. They have to realize that they cannot come to college expecting to play around and pass their classes. Students should have already attempted to get their books and supplies. Most professors do not care whether or not your funds are low or if your financial aid hasn’t been processed. All that matters is that you come prepared.

Step two is to make friends. Most students leave their friends from their hometown and have to start completely from scratch. For some that can be a difficult task. Here at UCA they host different events, such as self-esteem boot camps or seminars for shy people, to help students feel more comfortable around others. If you’re that type of person, that’s definitely something you should look into. No one wants to be alone. Having friends will make your college experience that much better.

Step three is to prioritize. This can be effective for any person who lacks a good sense of timing. Everyone should establish times for school related activities, homework and hanging out with their friends. People, especially incoming freshmen, get used to the fun college can offer them and sometimes forget what college is all about: an education.

Step four is for students to study. Unlike high school, the majority of people in college must study in order to get a good grade and maintain it. In some classes the teacher expects his or her students to come to class having already read the material. And for those students who claim to not know how to study, there are always others in your class that would not mind having a study group. There may be some things that you may not understand that the other person will understand and vice versa. There are also different tutoring sessions throughout the year to ensure that you can sustain good grades.

Step five is to become involved. There are many different organizations on campus to meet the criteria many people look for. Becoming involved can also be good for networking. Meeting people in different organizations can help students to know more people. It will also make your resume look nice by showing that you were active on campus.

Step six is to get experience. Students should attempt to find internships and temporary jobs that will also help build a résumé. Internships are good for helping students gain experience in the work force. They are also a fun thing to do while meeting more people that may help you in your future endeavors.

Taking this all in consideration, I hope students can and will become successful in whatever they may do.

People of UCA: Anish Gilani

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