Hoodies Better Than Jackets For Keeping Warm In Winter

How many times have you had that moment where your jacket zipper decides to get off track and ends up breaking?

Now imagine if your jacket had no more silly issues like that.

Enter: the hoodie, a man-made wonder of fabric that provides all the warmth without any annoying zippers.

By removing the zipper, inventors of the hoodie have crafted a far superior item. However, having
no zipper is not the only reason the hoodie is better than a regular, everyday jacket.

The hoodie also has this large, double-ended pocket that is great for keeping your hands
warm, and there is nothing better than snuggling into a hoodie.

These pockets are perfect for allowing you to hold both of your hands in them creating more warmth and are especially helpful with winter approaching.

As mentioned before, the teeth that make up the sides of the zipper are tricky things that, when not properly attached, can cause the zipper to break.

Sometimes, if the zipper breaks or gets off track it can be fixed, but if not, the jacket is useless.

With a hoodie, you just pull it over your head and you’re all set, and, unlike the jacket, there is nothing on the hoodie that can be mechanically broken like the zipper.

Since the jacket’s zipper runs right down the middle, there is no space for pockets except on the sides.

The hoodie, however, has its pocket in the front and its one section allowing for large pockets that are open on each end.

In some cases, the hoodie pockets are even large enough to hold your’s and someone else’s hands.

With the breakable zipper and awkward side pockets, jackets are unable to keep up with the superior pockets that hoodies possess.

Since the jacket has the awkward zipper down the middle, the material there is less flexible than that of the hoodie.

When sitting down, the zipper tries to compress with the rest of the jacket but ends up contorting itself into a
large wave of material.

This wave is usually pushed down by the wearer to keep a more normal appearance.

Since the hoodie remedied this issue with the removal of the zipper, the hoodie’s material can contour to the wearer’s body even when this person is lying down.

When two people are snuggling, the inside person does not want a zipper stabbing them in the back.

Instead give them a nice hoodie to snuggle up against since there is no metal zipper trying to nibble on them.

With cold weather approaching in the next few months, either option is acceptable, but when there is a choice, a hoodie should be chosen every time.

While hoodies and jackets will continue to be worn by just about everyone this winter, just remember that hoodies do not have a troublesome zipper that is just going to get in the way between you and your snuggle buddy.

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