Diversity Essential To Preparing Students For Real World

Racially speaking, we are living in a very unsettled society.

UCA has a clear responsibility as an institution of higher learning to foster unity beginning here on campus, and we have a responsibility to carry that to our daily lives off campus and in our communities.

From personal experience here at UCA, we enjoy an air of tolerance overall on campus.

We should endeavor to carry this to our families, friends and town.

As members of society both on campus and in the world at large, we must make it a priority to not only accept and appreciate the diverse society we live in, but to do our part to allow ourselves and encourage our family
and friends to learn about other cultures and to immerse ourselves in other cultures other than our own.

All of us, except the American Indians are immigrants. We all came from somewhere else.

The truth is, our beloved United States — in much turmoil over diversity and immigration presently — is a nation of immigrants.

We, as students of UCA, have the added benefit of taking college classes chosen for us from a wide variety
of backgrounds.

We begin to grow, not only intellectually, but as more well-rounded people.

It is because of this that we must, in a tolerant way, live these principles in the world at large.

Small acts of inclusion and kindness for those of different religions, cultures, races or sexual orientations can, in the long run, do much good.

As people let go of prejudices — many handed down by “well-meaning” family members — and begin living the life our forefathers meant for us to live, all equal in our pursuits of happiness, a funny thing happens.

Our country becomes less intolerant, and more inclusive.

Yes, your simple actions today, whether positive or negative, will impact the sad state our country is in now concerning diversity or lack thereof.

When we come together as a people in support of racial diversity, religious diversity and support for people of
different sexual orientations, it frees our former selves from unneeded baggage.

The principal we need to encourage and foster, more than any other, is communication.

With this, anything is possible.

I am not saying it takes a higher education to do this, because it doesn’t.

But I believe we are in a good place to do good things, and make this country something to be proud of once again.

University students have an obligation to reach out and start helping minds open with compassion and a willing spirit.

This is another benefit of a higher education and how we can use it, not only to make us a living, but to change our country and on a larger scale, our world.

Make up your mind to start today if you haven’t already. Let us see all people for who they really are: just people.

Ernie G visits UCA with Encouraging and Positive Message

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