Watermelon vodka gets prospective student banned, friend given citation

A student was given a judicial board citation and a prospective student was banned from campus when the two were discovered drinking in Bear Hall on Oct. 22.

UCAPD arrived at Bear Hall at approximately 1:52 a.m. in response to an alcohol violation in room 462. An RA told UCAPD that the resident of 462, Sydney Scarborough, 18, walked down the hallway with an alcohol bottle, but she had left the building so she was not reported. At approximately 1 a.m. Scarborough’s roommate came back to the room after getting off of work to find Scarborough and a visitor drinking in the room.

The RA and UCAPD went to Scarborough’s room and knocked on the door several times, but no one answered. When they opened the door, they discovered Scarborough and her friend, Haley Muradian, 19, sleeping in a bed. An empty bottle of Burnett’s watermelon vodka was sitting on the floor. UCAPD and the RA woke Scarborough and Muradian up. The two seemed irritated by the RA and UCAPD’s presence.

Scarborough told UCAPD that they had been drinking but were not being loud or bothering people. She said it was the first time they had drank alcohol on campus and that it was not a regular occurrence. UCAPD asked Scarborough if he could open the mini-fridge in the room and Scarborough said “yes.” A half-full bottle of Burnett’s strawberry vodka was in the mini-fridge. UCAPD asked if there was any more contraband in the room and she there was not. She gave consent for UCAPD to search the room and no contraband was found.

Muradian told UCAPD that she was visiting campus to decide whether she wanted to enroll at UCA. She said she had no way of getting home. UCAPD told Scarborough that she would be receiving a judicial board citation and told Muradian that she would be banned from campus. They told her that if she was found on campus again she would be arrested for criminal trespassing, but if she decided to enroll at UCA, she could contact Dean of Students Gary Roberts to have her ban removed. The alcohol was poured out on scene.

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