Veterans Day Honored Vets At UCA

Current American veterans were honored and veterans who died were commended for their sacrifices during the Veterans Day celebration on Nov. 9.

The alumni who died are recognized on the two plaques in front of McAlister Hall.

This year, UCA honored 100 years of women’s recognized service in the military.

UCA President Houston Davis in his speech stood with the veterans and those serving still today.

“I do not think that any grand gesture can truly do justice to thanking you for your service to our country, but on days like today, I do hope that you will feel the appreciation and the admiration that everyone in attendance has for your commitment to our country,” Davis said.

After Davis’s speech, Conway Mayor Bart Castleberry stepped forward to say a few words.

“There are many things that make America great,” Castleberry said. “One of which is our military and their families, and so from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your service.”

As a current Brigadier General, Patricia Anslow served as a member of the Arkansas National Guard and a chief of staff in Kosavo where she serves as part of a multinational peace keeping corps.

She has participated in Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and is now serving as special assistant to the Vice Chief of National Guard Bureau in Virginia.

“Without all of you being here today, there is a chance that some of our living veterans could be forgotten, and I cannot thank you enough for ensuring that none of our brave service men and women will ever be forgotten,” Anslow said.

Along the way, women had a rough experience in the military.

Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Josephine Linker Hart served in the Judge Advocate General’s Corp.

Hart said after women’s military training, equality was still a ways away.

“After their training, the women served as cooks, mechanics, and even switchboard operators.

However, they were not paid the same as the men were,” Hart said.

With the inequality of the military 100 years ago, women fought harder to join and serve for their country.

Now, women make up roughly 14 percent of the U.S. military and serve in every position available, combat and non-combat related.

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