UCAPD raises drug, alcohol awareness

UCAPD handed out blood alcohol content calculators as it promoted drug and alcohol awareness Oct. 5 outside of the Student Center.
Director of Organizational & Community Services Arch Jones and Student Wellness and Development, office coordinator Jenna Davidson and a group of police promoted drug and alcohol awareness in front of the Student Center as a meet-and-greet to students.
Aramark catered pizza to the event for students and UCAPD provided free blood alcohol content (BAC) calculators. Jones and Davidson also handed out promotional buttons and cups.
Jones said this event was the last of the two-day Drug and Alcohol Awareness meet-and-greet.
The meet-and-greets were focused on blood alcohol content and alcohol poisoning, Jones said.
Davidson said they were just trying to get the message out to students.
“The meeting on Monday focused on peer pressure resistance and if the occasion arises, how to say no to friends which can be a difficult task” Davidson said. “We’re out here trying to help students to do that.”
She also said she teaches an alcohol and drug education class for students who break the campus alcohol policy.
The meet-and-greet provided handouts to students about how alcohol and the parties associated with it were detrimental to students’ GPAs.
During the first meet-and-greet on Oct. 3, UCA football coaches and some of the players were handing out packets on how to resist peer pressure even when it was coming from friends.
The two meet-and-greets were part of a series that will continue on throughout the year.
There will be another meet-and-greet later this month about the effects of bullying on college campuses and how to prevent bullying.
There will be another meet-in-greet in December that will focus on travel safety.
The travel safety meet-and-greet will cover drunk driving, texting and driving and other forms of distracted driving.
UCAPD will hold another meet-and-greet the week before spring break promoting personal safety.
The main focus for the meet-and-greet before spring break will be alcohol use and binge drinking, which is “prone to happen during spring break,” Davidson said.

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