UCA Physical Therapy Named Third in Nation

UCA’s Physical Therapy Program was named third in the nation on a list of top graduate school programs. Student reviews were used to make the list of 40 physical therapy graduate programs.

“I am honored by this ranking and proud of our program and of the positive impact the faculty and staff have had on our students,” Chairperson of Physical Therapy Nancy Reese said. “Our department faculty and staff put in a huge amount of time and energy into ensuring the success of our students, including a lot of time outside the classroom, and the number three ranking reflects the students’ appreciation of their dedication.”

“The vision of the UCA Department of Physical Therapy is to be a national leader in advancing the health of society through education, research, service and clinical practice. In order to attain that vision, we’ve developed a culture of continuously striving for excellence – to constantly improve in everything we do,” she said.  

UCA graduate student Steven Gorgas will finish his first year in the PT program in August.

Gorgas said, as a student, it is reassuring to be part of a program that is so widely respected.

“This provides me with a great deal of confidence as I head into clinical rotations in the fall. I know that I am being provided a stable platform off of which I can build a great career,” he said.

He believes this has had an overwhelmingly positive effect on students at UCA.

“We receive an education that gives us the tools necessary to truly excel in our field of work,” he said. “It’s good to see that the faculty is being commended for their hard work and dedication.”

Junior Sarah Barakat said the department wants students to succeed and they know what it takes for them to get there.

“The entire department is like a family and I think that this will only make them grow,” she said.

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