Trustees Approve Bar Inside Donaghey Hall Restaurant

Alcohol sales will be allowed on campus this time next year at the Mosaique Bar and Grill, one of Donaghey Hall’s new tenants.

The Board of Trustees voted to allow alcohol sales on Aug. 21.The lease between UCA and Mosaique Bistro & Grill will be for 3,522 square feet for five years as soon as the construction project is finished.

With a base rent of $15 per square foot and a pro-rata share of the common area maintenance between the other tenants of Donaghey Hall, Mosaique will pay its own utilities and taxes separate from the university. The university will provide the tenant with up to $33 per square foot as a tenant finish allowance.

By entering this agreement with UCA, Mosaique has been given free-reign to apply for a liquor license from the ABC Board to sell alcohol at the restaurant. But as Mosaique owners stated in their PowerPoint presentation to the Board, “Our goal is to be a fully integrated component of the university that not only respects and upholds the traditions of the university, but will also create new experiences that will become tradition over time.”

Mosaique is an American bistro and grill concept from the minds of creators Johnny Ho and Alexander Tyler that will integrate a variety of cuisines with a southern twist that the owners have names “Southern Comfort Fusion.”

The restaurant will serve lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. A late night Tapas inspired menu will focus on locally grown food. Mosaique said it will donate a percentage of its proceeds to the Women’s Shelter of Central Arkansas and plan to become a bastion of business opportunities for internships and jobs for UCA students.

But with any deal that seems to be radical and full of change there are red flags that pop up along the way. The main one being the sale of alcohol by a business on UCA campus. Though it shares roughly the same proximity to campus as local watering-hole Bears Den Pizza, this will be the first establishment owned by UCA to offer alcohol.

One major stipulate of the agreement was that a strict ID policy will be implemented and enforced by the ABCB and UCAPD.

Since College, Bruce, Donaghey and Farris are some of the most patrolled streets in Conway, SGA President Zach Carter feels comfortable with the idea of the new restaurant potentially selling alcohol. “There is no need for concern. Students over 21 already have access to alcohol,” Carter said. “This will be nothing different than Bears Den.”

Many, including Carter, feel the new addition will be a major attraction. “I am excited about the Donaghey Hall project,” he said. “It will definitely bring a unique experience to UCA and Conway.

Our board of trustees and president are continuing to grow this university in ways we have fell behind at compared to some of our peers.”Uncle T’s Food Mart, Textbook Brokers and Blue Sail Coffee will join Mosaique in fall 2016.

UCA has made similar deals in regard to rent prices and assistance. During the same meeting, the Board of Trustees allocated funds to Ellucian Support Inc. funds Security for Campus Information Technology.

The Board also went over health insurance and a self-insurance proposal.

The board accepted the legislative audit for the 2014 fiscal year.

The Board also agreed on Alumni Awards and Degrees for Dental, Medical, Pharmacy, Optometry, and Veterinary School students. During its May 15 meeting, the BOT voted 6-0 to not raise most students’ tuition and fees for the 2015-16 academic year and approved higher admission standards.

The BOT also approved the 2015-16 operating budget, which included raises and bonuses for all employees.

In May, the board approved four property purchases totaling $799,000: property at 2012 South Blvd., which is north of the President’s House, for $165,000; property at 1954 South Blvd., which includes Georgetown Apartments, for $325,000; and properties at 362 and 354 Donaghey Avenue, which consists of two houses and part of three lots, for $309,000.

The board also finalized a five-year lease agreement with Blue Sail Coffee for 1,511 square feet in Donaghey Hall at $15 per square foot.

During its June 22 teleconference meeting, the board of trustees unanimously approved buying the property on the southeast corner of the Donaghey and College avenues intersection for future development.

UCA bought the land from the H. Diane White Trust for $350,000. The house at 418 Donaghey Ave. was appraised for $124,000, while the house at 426 Donaghey Ave. was appraised for $75,000, as of May 9, 2014. The combined site area of the two properties equals approximately 21,690 square feet.

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