Student Media Win ACMA Awards

UCA student publications won 27 awards at the annual Arkansas College Media Association awards last Friday in Little Rock.

The Scroll yearbook won the most with nine awards. The Vortex literary magazine won eight, The Echo newspaper won eight and News6 television won two.

The Vortex won the Magazine of the Year general excellence award, the top prize in its category. The magazine also won the top award for cover design, fiction writing, illustrative narrative, artwork and typography. It won second place for poetry and third place for fiction writing.

The Scroll won first place for its student life layout and typography presentation. It got second place for endsheets and cover design and third place for feature layout, academic layout, sports layout and student life layout. The yearbook got an honorable mention for the Yearbook of the Year general excellence award.

The Echo won first place awards for its editorial cartoon, cartoon strip and editorial page layout. It also claimed second place awards for editorial cartoons and editorial page layout. The Echo placed third in feature writing. It was given an honorable mention for the Newspaper of the Year general excellence award.

News6 won the only two awards given for television news. Raven Ambers won first place for television news reporting and Virginia Buff won second place. There was no third place or honorable mention awarded in the category. No winner was named for the Television Outlet of the Year general excellence award.

Here are the details:

The Echo

First Place:

  • Alan Masingill – Editorial cartoon
  • Brad Smith – Editorial page layout
  • Lance Coleman – Comic strip

Second Place:

  • Echo Staff – Editorial writing
  • Allen McMillan – Editorial cartoon
  • Brad Smith – Editorial page layout

Third Place:

  • Mary DeLoney – Feature writing
  • Matt Williams – Advertising

Honorable Mention:

  • Jeanette Anderton and Zachary O’Neal – Meeting/Speech coverage writing
  • Libin Qin – Feature photo
  • Ian Caple – Sports photo
  • Lee Hogan – Sports story writing, sports column writing, sports page layout
  • Mary DeLoney – Front page layout
  • General excellence

The Scroll –

First Place:

  • Kale Green – Student life layout
  • Davion Dotson – Typographic presentation

Second Place:

  • Scroll Staff – Endsheets
  • Scroll Staff – Cover

Third Place:

  • Davion Dotson – Feature layout
  • Kale Green – Feature layout, student life layout
  • Davion Dotson and Courtney Hopper – Academic layout
  • Emily Avery – Sports layout

Honorable Mention:

  • Scroll Staff – Divider
  • Kale Green – Feature layout
  • Davion Dotson – Academic layout, sports layout
  • Tara Anglin – Student life layout
  • James Austin – Sports photo
  • General excellence

The Vortex –

First Place:

  • Vortex Staff – General Excellence
  • Vortex Staff – Cover Design, artwork
  • Emily Powell – Typography
  • Gustav Carlson – Fiction writing, illustrative narrative

Second Place:

  • Megan Riley – Poetry

Third Place:

  • Cassey E. Misee – Fiction writing

News6 –

First Place:

  • Raven Ambers – Television news reporting

Second Place:

  • Virginia Buff – Television news reporting

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