Student cited for marijuana in Hughes Hall after search

A student smoking marijuana in Hughes Hall was issued a citation for violating the Clean Air Act on Sept. 21.

UCAPD arrived at Hughes Hall in reference to a possible drug violation. When student Michael Roland, 24, came to the door, his eyes were glassy and bloodshot. The room reeked of marijuana.

UCAPD asked Roland if it could enter and he said, “Yes.” The officer told Roland that a strong smell of marijuana was emanating from the room and asked him where he kept his marijuana. Roland told the officer that there was no marijuana in his room and that he had been smoking it off campus in a car with his friend. UCAPD asked if it could search Roland’s room, to which Roland agreed and signed a voluntary consent to search form.

UCAPD noticed ashes on the floor as well as marijuana stems and seeds on Roland’s dresser. UCAPD told Roland that it knew he had been smoking marijuana in the room and that he could give it to them before they began their search. Roland told the officer there was a small quantity of marijuana in the top drawer of his dresser and the officer retrieved a small pill bottle containing the marijuana.

UCAPD told Roland he would receive a municipal citation for violating the Clean Air Act. Roland told UCAPD he had not smoked the marijuana in his dorm room. Roland admitted to smoking when UCAPD pointed out the ashes on the floor.

Roland received a judicial board citation for violating drug policy. The marijuana was then seized and destroyed.

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