Staffer suffers fatal blood clot

Torreyson Library Academic Technician Addie Coleman Bailey, 46, died April 9 after a blood clot formed in her heart a little over a week after she was released from UAMS Medical Center. Bailey was being treated for a stroke she suffered March 20.

Bailey’s funeral service will be at God’s House of Prayer in Newport at 11 a.m. April 19.

Bailey graduated from UCA with a bachelor of business administration, coming back a few years later to become a Torreyson Library employee.

A Facebook album published by the University of Northern Texas’s Department of Library and Information Services features a biography of Bailey in which she writes that she is “pursuing a [masters of library and information science]degree” and that she “can’t think of any other field of study [she]would rather be a part of than becoming a librarian.”

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