Shots Fired at College Park Apartments

Shots were fired July 18 at the College Park Apartments east of the UCA campus. No injuries were reported by either the Conway Police Department or UCAPD.

Public Information Officer for Conway Police LeTresha Woodruff said Conway Police found bullet casings at the scene and didn’t make any arrests.

According to a statement issued by UCAPD, police were notified that a male individual who was thought to be involved in the incident was seen entering campus. UCAPD issued a text and email alert at 3:27 p.m., warning people on campus to take shelter.

Police found the individual near the Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center. UCAPD Cpl. Michael Hopper said that he was questioned and released by Conway Police.

At 3:43 p.m., UCAPD issued another notification, stating that it was “safe to resume normal activities.”

Conway Police and UCAPD have gathered information indicating that a suspect fled east, away from UCA campus.

Woodruff said Conway Police believe the shooter was shooting at a specific person and not shooting randomly.

“If someone fired shots at another person, they’re breaking the law,” Woodruff said. “If we find out who it is, they will definitely face charges.”

The Conway Police are continuing to investigate the shots-fired incident.

Photo by Lauren Swaim.

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