SGA releases SAFA preliminary reports

The UCA Student Government Association released its preliminary reports for Student Activity Fee Allocation funds that were discussed March 17-21.

According to the preliminary reports, SGA allocated $152,381.26 to various school organizations, including concerts and social events and conference registration fees.

Vice-President of Finance Dylan Doughty said, “These are only preliminary reports because we want to get the total to $115,000 to $120,000.”

From the total fees allocated, $99,972.24 was given to programs, $21,940 was given to concerts and social events, $29,239 was given to conference registration and $1,230 were part of a mandatory form, that asks questions about the organization.

These numbers are subject to change and will be finalized by SGA on April 21.

Campus Recreation Director Dave Dennis spoke to SGA about current campus project updates, including construction of HPER Center Phase II.

“We have been under construction since July and phase II is expected to open Oct.15,” Dennis said.

Though the HPER Center is closing during exam week for construction, UCA has collaborated with 10 Fitness in Conway which will allow students attending the summer 2014 sessions to have a facility for exercise.

“If students are paying a HPER fee, they should have a place to work out. That is important,” Dennis said.

He also discussed the hiring of two new professionals to help with managing the new facilities coming to the HPER Center

Dennis said he is looking to hire a new aquatics director and an outdoor fitness manager to help with the new 1,900 square foot outdoor recreation area.

These professionals will implement programs that will interest students.

“It is going to be our goal to emphasize programming,” Dennis said, “We haven’t had a beginning swim class on campus here at UCA probably for the past 15 years and I think that’s important to change.”

He also updated SGA on the softball field scoreboards, which are being funded by the SGA SpeakUp committee.

The scoreboards are currently being made, but due to production time, will not be available for use this spring.

Dennis also talked about the construction of sand volleyball courts on campus.

Originally, there were plans for two sand volleyball courts to be located behind softball field one for student use.

“There has been a little wrinkle in the plans,” Dennis said, “but I think it’s a good wrinkle.”

The UCA athletic department had discussed the introduction of a NCAA sand volleyball team at UCA, which will require the building of four NCAA-regulated sand courts.

Dennis had concerns about the courts being dominated by athletics, making them unavailable for student usage.

“There are some fields that students have a difficult time using and I didn’t want the students left out,” he said.

Sign-up sheets will regulate court usage with times being blocked out for athletic teams to practice.

UCA’s athletic department and campus recreation will collaborate to maintain the four courts.

Court completion is expected in fall 2014.

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