SGA junior class candidate, six other students cited for Farris Hall alcohol violations

On Sept. 14, seven students, including SGA junior representative candidate Logan Bevill, were issued judicial board citations for alcohol violations in Farris Hall.

UCAPD was conducting a residential hall check of Farris Hall at about12:10 a.m. The officer heard loud voices and music coming from room 303. The officer knocked on the door and student Julio Castillo, 20, opened the door wide enough to see the officer and promptly shut it. He said, “Hey guys, it’s the cops.” The officer knocked on the door again and student Amelia Humphrey, 20, answered it. The officer said he could see a bottle of Southern Comfort and a bottle of Blue Moon on a table when she opened the door.

The officer came into the room and asked if there was any more alcohol in the room. Student Alexandra Doolittle, 20, presented a bottle of wine from the refrigerator and said that was all that she had brought. Humphrey presented a bottle of Captain Morgan, Pinnacle vodka, Malibu rum, a bag of wine and a bottle of Southern Comfort from the refrigerator.

Blue Curacao liqueur, Rich & Rare and a bottle of E&J brandy were also sitting out on the counter. Bevill said that one bottle of Southern Comfort was his. Humphrey told the officer that the rest of the alcohol unaccounted for was brought by people not present in the room.

The remaining students were Collin Lingo, 20, Megan Cowling, 20, and Nicholas Lensing, 21.

The officer issued the students judicial board citations and asked them to pour out the rest of the alcohol and throw away the empty bottles.

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