SGA Discusses New Donaghey District Plans

Senior Class President Stephanie Daigle updated senators on the Donaghey District plan that will be around one mile along Donaghey Avenue between College and Dave Ward Drive.

The 30-year-plan has three major character areas that include Greek Village, mixed use and Torreyson Street to Dave Ward.

Greek Village, which spans from College Avenue to Martin Street is expected to be promoted in order to show the pride of sorority and fraternity houses.

The mixed-use area, Martin to Torreyson Street, will contain institutional features, commercial office, residential opportunities, performing arts and other university needs. This area is expected to be the “heartbeat” of the district.

Torreyson Street to Dave Ward will encompass public and private collaboration between UCA and property owners. The vision includes making Dave Ward the grand entrance to the University of Central Arkansas better and a good entrance for Conway in general.

The excitement was short-lived as senators debated for and against amendments toward the Big Event Constitution.

Senators voted on article IV, section I, letter B which was an amendment to a previous amendment. It read as if the Big Event should ever need support from SGA, the funding request will go through the finance committee and must receive a two-thirds vote of approval from the senate.

SGA may allocate to The Big Event after The Big Event Director and Operations coordinator submit an itemized budget breakdown of what the allocated funds will be used for.

The issue was putting a cap on how much UCA SGA can give The Big Event. Senators argued a cap would be detrimental incase an emergency happened where SGA would need to give The Big Event more than $3,000.

For this reason, Daigle rose in opposition of the amendment.

“Any event that is put on by a sponsorship, there is no guarantees. For sponsorships, unless you have a signed contract, you cannot plan on it every year,” Daigle said.

Junior Class Representative Hayley Harp opposed the amendment because she argued there should be some sort of cap on how much The Big Event can receive.

“I don’t want to put a specific cap on it at all. I think the best way is to make it general and super broad,” Harp said.

After more senators argued over the amendment, the motion passed 39-0 with one abstention.

However, that was not the end of arguments concerning The Big Event. The final motion changed by-law I.

It read as stated in the previous notice from last week, as well as article III, section I, letter B to strike out SGA in front of advisor and replace it with The Big Event and to change the lettering as needed in article 11, section I.

The motion passed 39-0 with one abstention.

This article originally appeared in the April 6, 2016 print edition of The Echo.

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