Senators Debate Constitution Changes

The UCA Student Government Association entered debates this week to discuss changes to their constitution.

Changes discussed include an increase in GPA requirements for senators and combining the president and vice president on a single ballot for the executive board elections.

Junior Class Representative Kenny Stice proposed a change to the constitution that would bring the GPA requirement of senators in SGA to a 3.0 GPA per semester, from the current 2.5 GPA per semester.

“I feel like the level of academic excellence has increased in current years, and senators can meet a higher standard,” Stice said.

Strong opposition followed the proposal in which many senators expressed concern that academic standing should not reflect leadership qualities, and that the move would only prohibit people with leadership potential from being on SGA.

Senior Class Representative Allison Rubio said, “a passion for being a leader and grades are not correlated.”

The motion to change the GPA requirement failed 31-0.

Also debated at the meeting was the option of placing president and vice president candidates for SGA executive board on a single election ballot.

Those in favor of the change stressed how it could allow for an increase in competition, prompting more people to run as a pair rather than an individual.

“This will allow for an increase in diversity and would encourage people who needed a running mate to find one,”Junior Class President Colby Qualls said.

Debate included the repercussions of allowing the change to pass, including the implementing of a less qualified candidate simply because the student is paired with a stronger candidate, or the student body siding with one candidate due to their popularity in student organizations such as sororities and fraternities.

The motion to change the ballot failed 13-17.

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