SAFA, Reserve Funds Granted to Programs

The Student Government Association allocated a total of $10,380.09 to different organizations during their meeting Feb. 8.

A total of $3,880.09 was allocated by the SGA from the emergency Student Activity Fee Allocation to UCA’s Anime and Manga Club, Judah Charale, Conway AcroBears, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and Human Resources Club. The motion passed 39-2.

SGA allocated no more than $5,500 from SGA’s reserve to attend the Coference of Student Government Associations at Texas A&M University. The money will cover food, gas during the travel, hotel fees and conference expenses. The motion passed 34-1 and six abstained.

SGA President Zach Carter said, “It [COSGA] helps us with our institutional development here at SGA. We come back with books of ideas to figure out what to bring back to UCA.”

COSGA allows UCA senators to converse with fellow senators from around the country and be introduced to new concepts to better the campus for students.

Another $1,000 was allocated from the account held with the UCA foundation to support the UCA Day of Giving.

The Day of Giving provides emergency scholarships to students. The motion passed unanimously.

Dr. Tammy Rogers discussed goals for the Strategic Planning Task Force over the next five years that include retention and graduation rates, status of students after graduation, new opportunities for students and coordination across the whole institution to ensure success.

“We want alumns to be ready when they hit the job market,” Dr. Rogers said.

SPTF wants students to succeed so programs are hoped to be created so SPTF is working on making smarter decisions for the university with the $5,000 in strategic reserve per student each year.

The SGA office will be closed at 2 p.m. Feb. 12 due to IT work on the printer and computers.

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