SAFA allocates $116,285 to student, Greek organizations

The two-week-long fall 2016 Student Activity Fee Allocation Process approved $116,285.35 (mostly to concerts/social events) to 46 student and Greek life Student Support Staff: Word of Wisdom Outreach Closet program organizations instead of the requested total of $290,952.69.

The funding was split up among three major subsections of spending. Concerts and social events received $84,065.21, programs received $24,003.14 and conferences received a total of $8,217.

The SAFA budget was a hopeful $100K but $116K was allocated to organizations. Although SAFA over-allocated, the determined limit was $130K.

The SAFA committee consisted of Vice President of Finance Emma Baird, President Zach Carter, Vice President Corey Parks, Senior Class Representative Mollie Henager, Junior Class Representative Ryan Pfaff, Sophomore Class Representative Ben Askew, Freshman Class Representative Megan Gibson, College of Business Representative David Beale, Graduate Representative Thomas Deatherage and substitutes Freshman Representative Tyra Simpson and College of Education Representative Laurie Nick.

In order for an organization to be allocated money, its needs must fall under specific categories that include police/ security, production/set-up, event supplies, advertising/ marketing, speaker/performer, miscellaneous and registration.

“We really don’t fund anything that’s going to be thrown away, a one-time thing and gifts or giveaways,” Vice President of Finance Emma Baird said.

The money allocated was also influenced by each organization’s presentation, preparedness, realistic estimates and past events.

Alpha Psi Omega was allocated $3,950 toward its South Theatre Conference: Pre-Screening Auditions and speaker/performer Improvisation Little Rock! as well as advertisements and signs for marketing.

Cru, a religious ministry, was allocated $1,265 for its Arkansas Cru’s retreat at the 4-H Center in Little Rock, a speaker for Cru’s weekly gathering in the Student Center and advertising costs associated with promoting weekly meetings.

Pride, Raising Awareness, Involvement, Support and Mentoring Alliance (PRISM) was allocated $82 for event supplies in the Coming Out Day Drag Show, Finals Relaxation Night and Sex On the Lawn.

The Mathematics Club was allocated $120 for a durable poster board for the RSO Fair, event supplies and an advertising poster for the Calculus Competition.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was allocated $500 toward the mandatory Grand Conclave Conference registration required by each branch of the organization. The organization will review hazing policies and regulations and community service techniques and training.

The Student Support Staff was allocated $745 for event supplies for Career Services on the lawn of the College of Business, speakers for the SSS Speaker Leadership Series and event supplies and flyers and advertising for the W.W.W. Closet program.

The Biology Club was allocated $152.50 for advertisements, camping trip fees and event supplies for Science Nights.

Alpha Psi Chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma was allocated $150 for registration costs and a banner for the Gamma Iota Sigma International Conference 2016 in Chicago.

The Human Resources Club was allocated $574 for UCA corn- hole boards that will advertise the club for the COB Day on the Lawn, registration costs for the Central Arkansas Human Resource Association conference in Little Rock and the Society for Human Resource Management Case Competition registration fees in 2017.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was allocated $559.50 toward a speaker and advertising to educate young women and men on domestic violence and another speaker and advertisements for the Financial Fortitude program.

The Honors Center Society was allocated $4,000 for speakers/ performers for Challenge Week 2016.

The Horn Club of the International Horn Society was allocated $2,000 toward speakers Paul Basler and Michelle Stebleton to bring knowledge and artistry to the campus.

Alpha Sigma Alpha was allocated $1,771 for event supplies and miscellaneous for the Miss UCA Scholarship Pageant.

The Percussion Club was allocated $2,550 for guest-speaker Jon Metzger.

The Interdenominational Christian Council was allocated $5,605 for flyers, a videographer, American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino for the ICC Maximum Impact event. The money will also be used for flyers to promote Bible study for ICC Real Talk.

Dancers United was allocated $980 for a choreographer for UCA Homecoming, a performer and ads for the Body Appreciation event and a choreographer for Sex on The Stage.

Sigma Phi Epsilon was allocated $20,346.23 toward Rock The Yard expenses that include rap artist group Migos, production/set-up, police officers, advertisements and miscellaneous.

The American Chemical Society was allocated $513.98 for liquid nitrogen, dry ice and cryogenic gloves for Conway Daze, Bear Fairs and RSO Fairs. The money will also be used for a homecoming week alumni speaker and supplies and ads for National Chemistry Week.

Judah Chorale was allocated $7,000.70 toward the fall concert and a speaker and ads for the Living Life As a Saved College Student event.

The Graduate Association of Student Personnel was allocated $765 for the Southern Association for College Student Affairs in Jacksonville, Florida in November 2016. The conference will enhance the professional development of graduate students.

The Latino Association was allocated $3,956 for Ernie Gritzewsky in a comedy show, Mariachi Jalisco to attend Dia de Los Muertos Cultural Exhibit and ads, publicity and decorations for the Latino Food Festival.

Phi Beta Lambda was allocated $420 for registration for the PBL National Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in June.

ConwayAcroBears was allocated $67.50 for supplies such as a replenished first-aid kit and poster/sign supplies for weekly meetings.

The Tuba-Euphonium Krewe was allocated $2,176.25 for speakers Jay Hunsberger and T.O. Sterrett, ads, commissioning fee, transportation and housing.

The Fisheries and Wildlife Society was allocated $925 toward registration for the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists conference in New Orleans, Louisiana in July, registration for the Southeastern Fishes Council conference in Jackson, Mississippi, supplies for bracelet fund-raising and seminar speakers.

Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honor Society was allocated $568.56 toward registration for the 2016 BAP Southwest Regional meeting in Houston, Texas and event supplies for the Meet the Firms event.

Circle K International was allocated $530 for registration for the Fall Service Madness conference and advertising.

Ebony Models was allocated $196.50 toward ads, production costs and performer DJ Phillip Smith for the Ebony Models Fall 2016 Show.

Alpha Sigma Tau was allocated $567 for registration fees for the AST National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida in June.

The Public Administration Club was allocated $97.24 for flyers and a club event banner for general club advertising and flyers and The Echo Newspaper ad for the Job Fair.

The National Pan Hellenic Council was allocated $5,897.50 for speaker/performer Keisha Knight Pullman, flyers, banners and supplies for the Greek Expo StepShow, speaker Dr. Jamel Hodges for the Leadership Launch and supplies for NPHC Week.

The Men’s Club Volleyball Team was allocated $725 toward registration for the Southern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association in Austin, Texas.

The Catholic Campus Ministry was allocated $500 for the entrance fee for the 2016 CCM State Fall Retreat at Saint John’s Center in Little Rock.

The Food Recovery Network was allocated $22.49 for a banner for the program.

The Nontraditional Student Organization was allocated $775 toward speaker Crystal Woods, business cards and flyers for a luncheon.

Sisters in Action was allocated $790 for ads, production and miscellaneous for a Coffee House event, Party Gras and Sumo Wrestling.

The Rotaract International Club, a service club for young men and women that address physical and social needs of their communities and promote relations with people worldwide, was allocated $566.40 toward ads, production and miscellaneous for supplies for concerts and social events.

The Student Caucus for Diversity in Occupational Therapy was allocated $1,097.50 for registration for the AOTA/NBCOT National Student Conclave conference in Dearborn, Michigan and speaker costs, ads and supplies for Jennifer Speaks.

The Computer Science Club was allocated $957 for posters, a plane ticket, transportation and hotel costs for speaker Andrew Ng who is one of the top Machine Learning Specialists in the nation. Themoneywillalsobeusedtoward two drones for Drone Application Projects, ten Raspberry Pi 2 Model B’s for projects and fees and switches for Web Development Projects.

Pi Kappa Alpha was allocated $320 toward registration for the 2016 PKA International Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana in August.

Sigma Tau Gamma was allocated $19,625 toward a rap or country artist, UCAPD and production costs for Beat Down on Bruce and registration for the STG Grand Chapter.

The Resident Housing Association was allocated $575 for registration costs to attend the Southwest Affiliate of College and Universities Residence Halls and ads for the Wet ’n’ Wild event.

Student Veterans of America was allocated $300 ads and production costs and signs and flyers for the U.S. Dept. Veteran’s Affairs.

Fuerza Integridad a Todos was allocated $1,430 for speaker Sarah Pinedo, flyers and production costs for Culture Night. The money will also go toward supplies for Youth Soccer Team Coaching.

The National Association of Black Men United was allocated $2,795 for miscellaneous and ads for the Male Female Forum, a speaker and ads for the Graduating Well, Interviewing Well and Ten Principles Workshop events.

The Minority Mentorship Program was allocated $16,775 for performer Tory Lanez and UCAPD for the MMP Unplugged event and speaker/performer costs for the Transitions Week Step Show and Transitions Week Kick-Off.

All requested and approved allocations are open to the public and can be found in the Student Government Association office on the second floor of the Student Center.

This article originally appeared in the March 9, 2016 print edition of The Echo.

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