Pro-Trump Chalk Messages Appear, Damage Done To Amphitheater

UCA students arrived on campus this morning to find messages of support for Donald Trump written on sidewalks and buildings.

Initially, some thought the words were spray painted, but the messages were written in sidewalk chalk.

According to the UCA Student Handbook, announcements or advertising on campus cannot “be painted or chalked on any campus building or structure or onto the sidewalks or curbs.”

Recycling and Custodial Services manager Kevin Carter said UCA Physical Plant employees found the messages around the Student Center Amphitheater, on the steps of Old Main, near Torreyson Library and on the side of the Doyne Health Sciences Center.

Carter said it took four or five employees four hours to clean up the chalk with soap and water.

Carter said that in addition to the pro-Trump messages, “obscene stuff” had been scratched into the glass panels in the amphitheater, as if with a rock.

The scratches on the glass were the only permanent damage done to UCA property. Carter said the panels will probably have to be replaced, but for now the messages have been covered up with tape. Carter said he could not supply an estimate of the cost of the panels’ replacement at this time.

UCAPD officer Mike Hopper said the police received a call about the messages this morning and that an officer was dispatched to investigate. He said if there are cameras in the affected areas of campus, footage of last night and this morning will be reviewed.

Similar incidents have been reported at other campuses.

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Police Beat: September 16, 2015

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