Police Beat

Police Beat: Week of 11.8.17

The following information is compiled from UCAPD incident reports by Assistant News Editor Emily Gist.

Rogue popcorn machine strikes students car

A popcorn machine damaged a parked car behind the Baum Gallery on Oct. 26.

Assistant Director of Peer Coaching Robyn Williams and student Austin Watt said they were manning the cart when they lost control of it and it hit the side of student Brian Young’s car, causing slight damage.

Watt said this wasn’t the first time the two had lost control of the cart and that the cart had given them
trouble previously that day.

Young said he didn’t know who to contact and didn’t want to make a claim on his own insurance policy for
the damage.

Phi Kappa Alpha fight ends in arrest

UCAPD responded to a fight on the Phi Kappa Alpha property and arrested a student on Oct. 28, charging him with public intoxication.

A UCAPD officer went behind the fence of the Phi Kappa Alpha property and talked with several witnesses about the altercation.

The officer determined student Zakree Massey as one of the aggressors, but not the primary aggressor.

As Massey was drunk, the officer arrested him and charged him with public intoxication.

Stadium Park fire caused by burning incense

A fire broke out in Stadium Park on Bruce Street on Oct. 31.

UCAPD officers entered a room and saw the fire near the window in the back left bedroom.

All building 5 residents were evacuated until Conway Police said it was safe to enter.

The two residents of the room, Kevin Momnohin and Isaac Udouj, were contacted and told they needed somewhere else to sleep for the night.

Momnohin said he thought the cause of the fire was some incense the two residents left burning while they were out.

Note informs student of hit-and-run

Student James Pearce said he found a note on his car notifying him of a hit and run in the parking lot east of the softball field on Nov. 1.

The note was left by student Sarah Fort, who said she had witnessed a car hit his car in the parking lot and drive away.

She gave Pearce the license plate number of the car.

UCAPD searched the plate and connected the number to student Thomas Shannon. The estimated damage to Pearce’s car was $150.

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