Police Beat

Police Beat for Week of November 15

Student reports missing oboe

Student Nelson Graves reported a missing oboe on Nov. 2, which UCAPD later found and returned.

Graves went to Torreyson Library to study on Nov. 1.

He was in a second-floor study room in the library and brought his oboe with him.

The next day, Graves went to get his oboe from its usual spot in his room when he discovered it wasn’t there.

Graves checked the library circulation desk and the Student Center concierge desk, but when he didn’t find it he filed a report with UCAPD.

That night, the oboe was returned to UCAPD in good condition and was returned to Graves the next morning.

Driver pulled over, passenger arrested 

Gary Walker was pulled over Nov. 2 for driving with expired tags.

After talking to Walker, an officer smelled marijuana and searched the vehicle.

The officer found a glass jar of marijuana and a baby bottle with about 75 milliliters of codeine in a pink drawstring bag on the passenger side floorboard.

The officer was about to arrest Walker when his passenger, Danny Jordan, said the marijuana was his.

Jordan was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Student collapses in College of Business

Student Samantha Bryant walked toward the door and collapsed in the College of Business on Nov. 7.

Faculty member Joe Thomas told UCAPD that Bryant had fallen and caught herself sufficiently to avoid injury but then she just lay face down on the floor.

Thomas told UCAPD that Bryant said she felt “tingly all over” and couldn’t breathe.

An officer turned Bryant around and she gave her name and Bear Card number.

Her breathing was rapid and shallow but she showed no signs of lack of oxygen.

Bryant was transported to Conway Regional Medical Center.

Student’s car damaged in hit and run

A student witnessed a car collision in the Farris parking lot on Nov. 3, asked the suspected driver to leave his information while he went into the HPER and returned to find the driver gone and no information left.

The student, Donald Harrison, reported the incident to UCAPD, who contacted the victim vehicle’s owner, Austin Dorman, about the damage.

The suspect vehicle driver, Colton Johnson, did not live on campus and when UCAPD tried to contact him via phone, they could not leave a voice-mail.

Damage to Dorman’s car was approximated at around $500.

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