Police Beat 9-7-11

Nonstudent arrested for standing warrant

UCAPD pulled over a Ford Mustang Sept. 2 for expired tags at 9 a.m.
Nonstudent Todd Willey, 21, told UCAPD he didn’t have insurance on his car and his tags were expired because he just got his car out of the shop.
When Wiley’s name was run UCAPD confirmed a warrant for his arrest from the Clarksville Police Department.
Wiley was arrested for his standing warrant and issued a citation for no proof of insurance and failure to pay registration fees.

Students receive citations for marijuana in room

A fire alarm was set off Sept. 2 in Bernard Hall at about 12:40 a.m. when students tried to smoke in their room.
When UCAPD arrived the panel showed the detector in room 225 had been removed.
The officers smelled marijuana when they made contact with students Michael Melton,18, and Ian Rogers, 18, of room 225.
Melton and Rogers said they had not been smoking in the room when UCAPD informed them of the consequences of what could happen if they found out otherwise. The two students retrieved a small bag of marijuana and a homemade water bong.
Melton and Rogers received judicial board citations.

Student found in dorm hallway covered in vomit and urine

Residential Assistant Clint Brown informed UCAPD Sept. 2 about a student who had been drinking and passed out on the second floor of Hughes Hall at about 10:30 p.m.
When UCAPD arrived, student Lance Nail, 19, was lying unconscious in the floor. Nail was coved in vomit and had urinated on the floor.
Brown informed UCAPD Nail had been drinking and when they knocked on the door, no one answered.
The fire department opened the door to room 240 where they found eight individuals hiding in the room. Students Trevor Dohn, 18, Darrius Davis, 18, Ricky Williams, 18, Jackson Wilson, 18, Zachary Bullard, 18, Emily Heintz, 18, Scott Alexander, 18, and nonstudent Kelly Hays, 18, were standing in the room and told UCAPD Nail had consumed 15 shots of liquor.
Nail’s room was open and the officers could see vomit covering the wall and the mirror above the sink.
The officers found three empty shot glasses in Nail’s room along with and empty bottle of Rich and Rare whiskey, an empty bottle of Burnett’s Pink Lemonade vodka, two empty cans of Natural Ice beer and a full can of Natural Ice beer.
Nail was transported to the Conway Regional Medical Center for treatment and Dohn, Davis, Williams, Wilson, Bullard, Heintz and Alexander were issued judicial board citations. No alcohol was found in room 240.
Nonstudents caught smoking by campus apartments

Nonstudents Jordan Ware, 25, and Shaytrese Byers, 21, were found smoking outside of the Erbach Apartments Sept. 3 at about 1:30 a.m.
When UCAPD approached, student Megan Cronin, 22, came out of room 302 and told officers she “forgot to tell them not to smoke on campus.”
Ware and Byers also had half a bottle of rum with them.
The officers informed the nonstudents that smoking was a violation of the Clean Air Act and apartments were no exception.
Ware and Byers received a warning for smoking and Cronin was issued a judicial board notice for the alcohol violation.

BB gun found in football players’ on-campus apartment

Residential Assistant Alex Harper informed UCAPD he found what he believed to be a shotgun in a Caldwell Street apartment on Sept. 4 at about 9 p.m.
When the officers arrived, Harper showed them the long barrel shotgun that had a blue scarf tied to the barrel. Harper told the officers the room belonged to football players Dominique Brown, 19, and returning freshman Thomas Hart.
UCAPD confirmed the gun was a BB gun and immediately went to Estes Stadium to talk to coach Clint Conque.
The officers advised Conque of the situation and he immediately got the players off the field. Conque asked UCAPD if they would meet in the conference room.
Brown admitted the gun was his and Hart was asked to leave the room.
Brown was issued a judicial board notice and was informed he could pick up his gun at the end of the school year.

Football player receives citation for possession of marijuana in campus apartment

UCAPD responded to a possible drug violation at a Caldwell Street apartment Sept. 4 at about 8:30 p.m.
Residential Assistant Kaitlin Davidson informed the officers that she and Residential Assistant Alex Harper had been conducting security checks when they found marijuana in room 5.
A silver grinder and a small amount of marijuana was found on the desk as well as a burnt marijuana cigar in plain view. The items were confiscated and football player Justin Williams, 21, was issued a judicial board citation for his drug violation.
The officers informed Williams he would not be arrested for the violation and went directly to Estes Stadium to inform coach Clint Conque of the situation.

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