Old Farris Center Pool Turned Into Practice Court

Since the opening of the HPER center’s pool in fall 2014, the old home of campus swimmers—the Farris Center pool—has been long forgotten.  

Now, the old pool has been closed and turned into a needed practice facility for the men and women’s basketball teams.

“When I first heard seven years ago that we were considering putting a pool in the HPER center, I had been hearing that this pool was leaking, it was hard to keep up and it was expensive on maintenance,” athletic director Brad Teague said. Administrative assistant Carole Good said the need for a basketball practice facility was there. The teams would previously have to practice at local high schools or courts.  

This new court helps preserve the game court from breaking down due to the different teams that practice on there. Cheerleading, both men and women’s basketball, KPED and local clubs would share the game court.

“Having a second court really benefits everybody,” Teague said. “Obviously it helps us but it also helps the KPED program and gives them more time on the court.”

The practice court was used for the first time on Feb. 5 by the men to warm up before their big win against the New Orleans Privateers.

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