Nonstudent Files False Rape Report To UCAPD, Resists Arrest

A nonstudent was arrested on disorderly conduct, filing a false police report, resisting arrest and drunk or insane charges after she falsely accused someone of raping her in Hughes Hall on Oct. 31.

UCAPD responded to a complaint that nonstudent Savannah Carson, 26, was naked and screaming in Hughes Hall at approximately 11:58 p.m.

Officers found her on the first floor of the men’s side of the building. Carson was sitting with her dress pulled up to her waist and was leaning against the wall for support.

When UCAPD and the resident master arrived, she was sobbing, screaming loudly and reeked of alcohol. Pink panties were lying on the floor behind Carson.

Carson said she had been dragged across campus, up the stairs of Hughes Hall to the third floor by her hair and was raped. She could not recall what room number she was taken to. She stated the suspect was an Arabic male.

UCAPD had the Conway fire department and an ambulance on scene. Officers searced for information on Arabic males living in Hughes Hall.

Carson yelled profanities such as “fuck” and “sand nigger” while the officers were trying to determine what happened. She complained, saying that she might have herpes and had only slept with four men, but that now her vagina is ruined forever.

Carson said she was at Bear’s Den and had four shots of tequila before the incident occurred. She demanded to speak to her fiancé but UCAPD was unable to get ahold of him.

Carson yelled and cussed at the paramedics. She eventually agreed to be taken to Conway Regional Hospital.

The paramedics and officers helped Carson onto a cot and began rolling her down the hallway when she started yelling and began to unbuckle the straps, saying she was being taken against her will. She told officers and paramedics she was “a multi-fucking millionaire,” that her mom was a UCA professor and that she and her mom would “sue the fuck out of you all.”

Officers located the only male student fitting Carson’s description in Hughes Hall. The officers read him his Miranda Rights and he was willingly taken to the police department to file a statement.

The student told UCAPD he did not rape Carson. He said Carson wanted to have sex, but he refused and she began to slap and hit him and accuse him of raping her.

He showed officers a scratch below his left eye that Carson had given him. After filling out a statement, he was released.

Officers had to convince Carson to get a rape test at the hospital.

Carson was handcuffed to a hospital bed and she said that she would allow the staff to test her, but became belligerent with the hospital staff. She said she wished she was dead.

Hospital staff told UCAPD they could not continue treating Carson. She was handcuffed and placed in a police car, where she began kicking the officers again.

They eventually got her into the car and arrested her on drunk or insane, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and charge for filing a false statement. She was banned from campus.

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