Nonstudent arrested for criminal trespass, possession of controlled substance in Short Hall

Nonstudent Anphernie Harris, 19, was arrested for criminal trespass and charged with possession of a controlled substance Jan. 25 after UCAPD was dispatched to a fight in Short Hall.

At about 4:41 p.m., UCAPD arrived at the dorm after a fight was reported in the third floor stairwell. Officers did not see a fight in progress, but noticed the door of room 332 shut quickly upon their arrival.

UCAPD went a few doors down from room 332 and three black women answered. The women asked if they officers were looking for the fight and directed UCAPD to room 332.

After knocking on the door, no one answeredn UCAPD knew someone was in the room because officers saw them close the door. Student Lauren Stokes, 18, answered the door. Stokes was sweating profusely and her hair was messy.

When asked about the reported fight, Stokes said that she was yelling at somebody over the phone. UCAPD had experience with Stokes lying after she filed a false police report Jan. 19.

One of the three females from a few doors down said they had heard a male voice in the room. When asked if there was anybody else in the room with her, Stokes said “no.”

UCAPD noticed Stokes looking into the bathroom and officers noticed a black male peeking through the cracked door. The male was later identified as Harris. UCAPD recognized him from the false report, which also involved Harris.

When asked to come out of the bathroom, Harris refused and backed away. UCAPD followed him into Stoke’s suitemates’ room and grabbed him. Harris said he didn’t do anything wrong and he was in the other room the entire time. The female student in the other room told UCAPD Harris had been arguing with Stokes.

Because Stokes lied to UCAPD, she was placed in handcuffs for safety purposes. Stokes was asked to tell the truth and told officers that she and Harris got into a verbal altercation about another female texting his phone. Stokes said they did not get physical.

Officers confronted Harris about lying to them and he became loud and anxious. UCAPD handcuffed Harris in order to detain him, but could not tell him the reason because Harris would not stop jumping around and asking why he was being arrested. He was not under arrest at that time.

UCAPD brought Harris out into the hallway and began to remove the handcuffs after he had calmed down. As officers were about to remove them, they were informed that Harris was banned from campus Oct. 9, 2013.

Police told Harris that they could not longer remove the handcuffs because he was banned from campus. Officers then arrested Harris for criminal trespass.

Harris became loud again, stating he was unaware of the ban. After he was placed in Faulkner County Unit 2, UCAPD was notified that a small amount of marijuana was found on him, rolled up in a $1 bill. Officers then charged him with possession of a controlled substance.


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