Honors College sponsors ice-breaker for freshmen

Upperclassmen of the Schedler Honors College welcomed its incoming freshmen class through its the annual Feed the Freshmen event on Aug. 21 in Farris Hall.

Honors Visiting Lecturer Cynthia Lea said the event is meant to help serve as a means for the upperclassmen and incoming freshmen class to interact with one another on the first day of classes.

“It’s really an opportunity for the upperclassmen to first meet [the freshmen]and sort of welcome them into the family,” she said. “Hopefully it’s a way for them to feel like a part of the bigger community, not just the freshmen class but also the whole Honors College.”

She said Feed the Freshmen is aimed to get the students used to working and talking together.

Junior Amber Rolland, a former Honors mentor, said Feed the Freshmen is always held on the first day of classes of the fall semester.

“[Feed the Freshmen] is a geat way to introduce [freshmen]to the Honors community, because we’re a living, learning community,” Rolland said. “Almost every Honors student lives in Farris, it’s just a great way to give back.”

Lea said Honors students put on several functions throughout the year, some social and others academically geared.

Starting off with a socially geared function puts everyone on a good note with each other and allows the incoming class the chance to meet upperclassmen for the first time, giving them the opportunity to interact before having to buckle down, she said.

Elementary education major freshman Morgan Brumbelow, who graduated from Fayetteville High School, said every dorm should take the time to host similar events.

“Every dorm should do it,” she said “It definitely gets you to know people who are sophomores, juniors and seniors, it just makes you more comfortable.”

Freshman Pristine Pittman, who graduated from Magnolia High School, a Biology, pre-med major, said the event helped encourage her to get the most experience out of college as possible.

She said part of the reason she joined the Schedler Honors College was for the experience she noted other students gaining.

She said she and her roommates have noted and discussed the progression and success of the upperclassmen in the Honors program and it has encouraged her to want to be more involed in programs such as SOS and sororities on campus.

Junior and mentor Lori Beth Stroderd said the social kickoff event was optional for students to attend.

Honors students are required to write weekly journals under their core curriculum. Stroderd said the night gave the freshmen an opportunity to discuss their first journals.

She said the upperclassmen pick out and prepare the food for the incoming freshmen class.

Freshman Bryce Johnson, who graduated from Perryville High School, is seeking a degree in Biochemistry.

Johnson said he is interested in blood and brain chemistry and said he would like to find a way to mix plant research into his work to make medicine. He said the event was running smoothly and that his first day of classes went well.

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