Greek Village will receive safety cameras

Greek Village residents can look forward to receiving cameras behind their houses after the issue was brought up to leaders in Operation Safe Walk during the Student Government Association meeting Feb. 29.

Senator Megan McAfee brought attention to the lack of cameras behind the houses to Operation Safe Walk, a program determined to provide safety to students and faculty on campus. The operation also received requests from Greek sorority members for cameras.

“Girls are more concerned about having better surveillance. It was brought to the attention of the girls that they didn’t put up many surveillance cameras because it would be an invasion of privacy,” McAfee said. “Personally, I’ve heard that girls are supporting it. They want the extra security.”

Along with the extra security cameras for Greek Village, Conway Police Department Captain Chris Bentley spoke to senators about lighting, landscape and repairs around campus.

The operation spent nearly $40,000 last year and has currently spent around $30,000 toward the program. It has been a program in effect for six years.

“There’s no such thing as a bad idea. We will put in on the list but it all comes down to money,” Bentley said. “This university has been very generous in making sure that safety is a number one concern that we have.”

As of today, 70 percent of the items on the Operation Safe Walk list have been completed. Some of the accomplishments include a stop sign placed on Bruce/ Western, a replaced privacy fence on the south side of Greek Village and replacing a light by the dumpster on the north side of the cafeteria.

Additions that will be fixed in the future depend on allocated funds and will take action to complete. Some additions include students requesting lighting added on Sesame Street drive by AETN, more lighting to the fountain area and the gravel lot at Bear Village.

Four new RSO committees were approved which are the Graduates Writers Association, UCA American Association of Women, National Residence Hall Honorary Society and UCA Student Congress. A name change for the Student Congress is underway because of confusion between the new RSO title and SGA.

“When I hear UCA Student Congress, I think of SGA,” UCA Vice President Corey Parks said. “They are supposed to be coming up with a new name that either spells out what they deal with or is different.”

A motion passed unanimously to hire a full-time assistant director for Non-Traditional Student Services. SGA supports the non-traditional students that make up 18 percent of campus population. A price for the Community Service Cord was announced for UCA graduates who earned 100 community service hours over the course of four years. The cords will be $3.50 and can be purchased on OrgSync under volunteer opportunities.

A non-traditional student fundraiser, Spirit Night, will be between 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday at Waffle House on 65th St.

This article originally appeared in the March 2, 2016 print edition of The Echo.

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