Greek SAFA funding totals down; fraternity awarded largest amount

The UCA Student Government Association released the finalized version of the Student Activity Fee Allocation (SAFA) report for spring 2014 with Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity receiving the most funding.

According to the report, SAFA gave a total of $293,734.68 to 59 organizations on the UCA campus.

Of that total, Sigma Phi Epsilon received $28,408.38, which is an all-time high for the fraternity.

In the recent past, SAFA has given the fraternity $12,000 in fall 2013, $20,000 in spring 2013, $7,650 in fall 2012, $16,560.25 in spring 2011 and $9,800 in spring 2010.

Other Greek organizations that received the most funding include Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority with $25,000 and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity with $13,160.

In total, Greek organizations were given a total of $83,019.32, which is 28.26 percent of the total funding.

This is a decrease from the fall 2013 SAFA in which Greeks received 31.8 percent or $59,236.80 according to the reports posted on

Non-Greek organizations that received the most funding include Students for the Propagation of Black Culture with $17,950, Campus Crusade for Christ with $10,600 and Minority Mentorship Program with $9,450.

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SGA amended Article II Section 3B of the constitution to include that “if a roll call vote occurs in the meeting, each individual Senator’s vote shall be included in the minutes of said meeting.”

This was done in an effort to make senators accountable for their vote and create transparency in the organization.

Media outlets such as The Echo can now publish these voting breakdowns, and they can be used to keep students more informed about what the senator is actually doing during their time in SGA.

Junior Class President Colby Qualls said, “It’s not so much who you are, but why did you vote this way?”

The amendment passed 32-0.

The senate also amended Article III Section 3 B of the constitution to allow the possibility of a non-traditional student to serve on SGA.

Qualls expressed the need for diversity in SGA.

“They don’t have the same experience as us but they are students here,” he said.

The amendment defines a non-traditional student as “a student who is 25 years or older, married or is a parent.”

The senate amended the definition to include veterans and transfer students, which aligns more closely to the UCA Non- Traditional Student Organization definition of a non-traditional student.

While many senators were concerned about the logistics of adding a non-traditional student, who would have difficulties with campaigning and attending all of the events mandated by SGA, many senators said they supported seeing the new change grow into a positive improvement for the organization.

Junior Class Vice-President Ashley Ross said, “It cannot hurt the senate, it can only help.”

The amendment passed 32-0.

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