Fraternity reports alleged slurs by Sigma Tau Gamma

(Updated: 2.27.16, 12:01 a.m.) Two members of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) recently filed a report with the Interfraternity Council (IFC) against Sigma Tau Gamma’s members for racial slurs towards one of their brothers during intramural games.

The incident happened during an intramural basketball game at the HPER center. According to the Interfranternity Council complaint form, “during an intramural game with Sigma Tau Gamma, a number of Sig Tau made multiple racial slurs towards Cesar Ramirez and most of them came from their sideline. Ramirez also asked the refs to handle the sideline and their comments, but was ignored.”

There was also an IFC judicial meeting summary, which had accumulated information from Jan. 26 to Feb. 1. According to the IFC judicial meeting summary, the game seemed to be fairly intense, and FIJI was down by many points. Ramirez then walked off the court, because he claimed that racial slurs and personal attacks were occurring on the Sig Tau sideline. He ended up not playing the second half out of fear that he would get into a fight.

“There were both sides jawing at each other, its almost like you can talk trash but can’t take it,” Sigma Tau member Michael Betyo said.

Also reported on IFC judicial meeting summary, the accused member from Sigma Tau Gamma, Chandler Russell was seated in the front at the basketball game.

While the basketball game was being played the referees told him to calm down.

Although he said, “any small things he heard were from people behind him” on the summary Russell also states, “he knows better than to cross line with racially charged comments.”

“There were other people there that weren’t a part of my fraternity, that were saying stuff,” Betyo said.

After the game, Ramirez sent texts to Vice President of Recruitment Benjy Richards of what was said during the game. According to the texts he was told to “go back to where he came from, they don’t play this in your country, shouldn’t you be drinking tequila the one with the worm in it, how do you pronounce your last name” and more.

“When people start talking down on us, that means we are doing something right,” Fiji member Pablo Lopez said.

According to the letter sent to President of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity Connor Rasmussen, “Sigma Tau Gamma is being charged with violating the Student Handbook and IFC Code of Conduct. More specifically: Offenses Subject to Disciplinary Action.

There was a scheduled UCA Greek judicial Board hearing on 4 p.m. Feb. 15 at in the Student health center room 238.

“The issue was discussed and resolved. Student Life leaders are now discussing with Intramural program staff, as well as Greek members and leaders, how to implement measures to reduce or minimize trash-talking during sporting events,” Associate VP for Communications Christina Madsen said.

This article originally appeared in the Feb. 24, 2016 print edition of The Echo.

Wordle created via, documents courtesy of Benjy Richards, Connor Rasmussen

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