Four nonstudents banned, four students cited for marijuana in Stadium park

Four nonstudents were banned from campus and four students were given judicial board citations after smoking marijuana in Stadium Park apartments Nov. 9.

UCAPD was dispatched to Stadium Park apartment 55 at approximately 10:05 p.m. in response to a noise violation.

When an officer arrived and stood 50 feet from the apartment, loud laughter and yelling could be heard coming from the room.

UCAPD knocked on the door and met student Corbin Noel, 19. When Noel opened the door, UCAPD could see two nonstudents – Ellis Kitchen, 19, and Joshua Smith, 20 – rolling a blunt and opening a cigar while sitting at the kitchen table.

Noel gave the officer permission to come inside and the officer asked Kitchen and Smith to step away from the kitchen table. The officer patted down the two but found no other contraband. A small bag of marijuana and two blunts were found sitting on the kitchen table.

The other people in the room were identified as nonstudents Demarcus Price, 20, and Kyuntae Williams, 20, and students Kadarion Richardson, 18, Jamal Richardson, 19, and Kordaryl Williams, 21. UCAPD asked them who the marijuana belonged to and Kitchen said it belonged to him.

The nonstudents were banned and Noel, Williams and Kadarion and Jamal were given judicial board citations for violating drug policy.

The marijuana was weighed at 0.23 ounces and was placed in evidence.

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