Female student cited for public intoxication outside New Hall

A student was arrested for public intoxication after she was observed being carried around in front of Bear’s Den on Oct. 18.

At approximately 2:19 a.m. UCAPD was patrolling the New Hall parking lot when it noticed a female being carried in the Bear’s Den parking lot. One male was pulling her arm and leg on one side and two other males were pulling her arm and leg on the other side. Other individuals were observed yelling at each other.

UCAPD ordered the three males to let go of student Melisa Carbajal, 21. Once they let her go, the three males began to blame each other for the situation and said they were trying to get Carbajal home safely.

The officer asked Carbajal who she was going home with, to which she answered “a Hispanic guy who is in jail.” Later, she said she was going to “the Greens.” None of the three males said they lived in The Greens at Nutter’s Chapel apartments.

Carbajal smelled strongly of alcohol and could not stand up straight. When UCAPD asked her if she knew the name of a sober person who could drive her home, she could not answer and was arrested for public intoxication.

The three males were told to leave the area and Carbajal was taken to a Faulkner County unit for detoxification.

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