Drag Queen Rocks the Yard

Did you see it at x-period Thursday in the courtyard outside the Student Center? If you were anywhere near the area, it was hard to miss.

A crowd of over 100 spectators gathered, some in awe and some aghast, to witness the sexual dance moves of Amelia Cortez. Cortez, adorned in fishnet stockings, a red lace boa and little else flaunted all she had while lip-syncing to the blaring sounds of Beyonce and Ciara.

The spectacle was a drag show organized and hosted by the UCA PRISM Alliance as one of a series of events for Coming Out Week.

Offstage, Cortez is known as Kanai Namauu, a 23-year-old student here. But onstage, her drag persona named Amelia dominated with pulsating energy. Cortez approached some intrigued audience members and danced with them at point-blank range. At one point, with her mouth, she accepted dollar bills out of the mouth of another man. To put it mildly, Cortez, with a doubtlessly confident stage persona, rocked the worlds of a mass of UCA students.

Some audience members couldn’t get enough of the impassioned performance. Others watched for a moment, then walked away.

The show was cut short when Cortez went to change for her last act. Student Center personnel said the performance was out of time and classes would continue. The crowd members groaned in disappointment as they left.

If you missed the performance or find it hard to imagine, see videos of Cortez performing “Pretty Girl Swag” and “Why Don’t You Love Me?”


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