UCA Donations to Japan Growing

UCA Save Japan Foundation raised a total of $1,500 yesterday at Bear’s Den Pizza during its benefit concert and karaoke night.

The money will be donated to the American Red Cross to aid victims affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Sohji Izumi, president of the foundation, said the money was collected from a $4 cover charge for the event, a $1 fee to participate in karaoke, the sale of T-shirts and donations. The group also raised money from the sale of a drink called “Tokyo Tea” that sold for $3.50 a glass at Bear’s Den. That total hasn’t been calculated yet.

Last night’s event also included performances by the bands The Boomers, CBD, Slings & Arrows and Please Don’t Stop. They played a variety of rock, R&B and country music.

About 300 people attended the event. The Fox network affiliate in Little Rock sent a television news crew.

“The turnout was great,” Izumi said. “Everyone came, had fun and donated. It was great because they could have fun and help someone at the same time.”

Since the earthquake in Japan, the foundation has raised $12,474.45.

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