Donaghey Hall Discussed at Campus Talk

UCA’s Sept. 29 Campus Talk discussed higher learning measures for students and investments made for students at UCA, including a new business at Donaghey Hall.

It was mentioned that studies are being conducted to determine whether the independent colleges of Arkansas – Southern Arkansas University, Arkansas Tech, Henderson State University, and UCA – should merge with another education system in order to enhance student education.

It was made clear that no valid arguments have been made regarding UCA student education deficiencies.

The UCA planetarium in the Lewis Science Center will soon be finished and commercial space at Donaghey Hall will open Oct. 22 at 2 p.m.

Donaghey Hall will hold Blue Sail Coffee, Marble Slab Creamery, American Cookie Company, Mosaique Grill and Uncle T’s Food Mart.

Courtway also discussed that a bicycle company will be added to Donaghey Hall, which will be announced Friday, Oct. 7.

It was also announced that UCA will provide a Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree next fall.

Throughout the meeting, each spokesman gave clear information and was willing to answer any questions, an advantage of holding a meeting like a Campus Talk.

“I appreciate the transparency of this meeting. Concerns were brought up in a fair way, to educate those attending,” Roger Gelwicks, technical writer and trainer for the Information Systems and Technology department of UCA, said.

The meeting began with an update on the Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC) department here at UCA.

The HLC staff presented their three major document collections to meet the requirements of HLC: the assurance argument, the evidence file and the federal compliance form. These files show evidence that UCA is meeting the criteria for accreditation.

Faculty Senate President Kaye McKinzie discussed the investments of the faculty and staff at UCA, who bought picnic tables as well as tables and desks for students with disabilities. Staff Senate President Kevin Carter discussed the staff senate’s investment in causes such as the Angel Bear Tree program, the Bear Central food pantry and the Veterans Day ceremony at UCA.

Associate Vice President for Communications, Public Relations and Marketing Christina Madsen discussed the upcoming change in leadership as UCA President Tom Courtway retires from his position.

“The transition in leadership will be very smooth because of Courtway’s leadership,” Madsen said. “At the start of his tenure, UCA wasn’t very stable financially, but President Courtway has brought financial stability and a good image to UCA, making this a very attractive position for candidates in the future.”

The rest of the discussion was then led by Courtway.

“Campus Talks not only give people the opportunity to ask questions directly, but it helps us to hear what is on people’s minds here at UCA,” Courtway said.

photo courtesy of Valentin Sawadogo

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