Deal Extended to Yik Yakker Samuel Davies

Samuel Davies, the former UCA student who was accused of making threats on Yik Yak, has received a plea deal from the deputy prosecuting attorney, according to the Log Cabin Democrat.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jordan Crews extended a plea deal to Davies late last month, according to Marisa Hicks of the Log Cabin Democrat.

Davies’ attorney Otto Fry was granted time by Circuit Judge Charles Clawson Jr. to discuss the plea deal with Davies.

Fry declined to comment on the plea deal.

“I’m sorry, I cannot discuss these issues with you,” Fry said.

Davies was a freshman at UCA at the time of the alleged threats.

Davies was arrested while in class in Win Thompson Hall last October after making two suspicious post on the popular Yik Yak app.

The first post said “Fellow Yaks, you all seem like good people and I care for you, so if you read this, please stay in your dorms or off campus next Wednesday, I care too much for you all to fall victim of the event.”

Police deemed the post too vague to make an arrest.

The police questioned Davies after the first post, but ultimately left without an arrest.

According to an earlier article in The Echo, Sgt. Brad Moore of UCAPD said an officer reported Davies being “apologetic” and “very upset” when questioned.

A second post said “It might be a test now, but won’t be tomorrow.” This post was determined specific enough to make an arrest. Davies was arrested and charged with terroristic threatening and communicating a threat.

Both times UCAPD contacted Yik Yak in order to receive the number and the location of the poster. Both times these posts came from Davies, according to The Echo.

Davies has since been banned from UCA, and faces 5-20 years in prison.

No further details are available regarding the plea deal.

If Davies does not accept the plea deal, he is scheduled to appear in court 9 a.m. Nov. 14.

image via Yik Yak

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