Art Installations Decorate Roundabouts

City of Conway requested proposals for new roundabout artwork.

This roundabout project is part of the Conway 125 Capital Campaign, which seeks to build a community that the next generations in Conway will enjoy.

The Conway 125 Capital Campaign aims to accomplish goals, such as making more trails around Conway, making more wayfinding signage, increasing interstate beautification, hosting more theatre and adding artwork to the roundabouts.

According to the pamphlet about the campaign by the Chamber of Commerce, “Conway’s roundabouts represent a unique opportunity to make public art a daily part of residents’ lives.”

The first piece of roundabout art installed in Conway was a sculpture by Hendrix Professor Erik Masteaik. His sculpture is called “Dust up.”

Many Conway residents support the public art initiative.

“Public art gives the community a pop of color,” UCA sophomore Jennifer Cale said.

Cale is from Fayetteville where she says public art is a way of life. She enjoys public art because she thinks it can be used as a medium to spread a message.

“It’s a way for citizens to express themselves,” Cale said.

City of Conway Public Art Board requested proposals for College Avenue/Salem Road roundabout art in July.

The art committee wants the roundabout artwork to promote public safety, be visible during both the night and day, and create and maintain the community’s interest in public art in Conway.

There is not a theme required for sculptures, but projects that pertain to the location and neighborhood of the roundabout may have a better chance of consideration.

The budget for the project is $60,000. This does not mean the project will necessarily cost this amount. The chosen artist will have to submit a budget that outlines every cost needed in order to make the piece of art, which will then need to be approved by the City Council.

The deadline to submit project proposals was Aug. 15. UCA art department chair Bryan Massey is in the running to be chosen for the project.

“We aren’t ready to make the official announcement just yet,” Beth Norwood said when referring to who is in the running to be chosen to do the project.

Photo by Emily Gist

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