Admissions Office Alters Out-of-state Student Policy

The admissions office has drafted a new process that will affect out-of-state students who want to become reclassified as in-state students.

This new process has not yet been approved by President Courtway, but admissions is hopeful that the new process will be approved before the end of the semester.

This reclassification of residency process waives the increased out-of-state tuition fee and allows students to pay in-state tuition.

The change will create clearer guidelines to better help students understand the process of becoming an in-state student. The application itself will be made more user-friendly by becoming available online and in a type-able format.

The biggest procedural changes will include a specific list of items required to be considered for in-state reclassification, an outline of the reclassification process and a timeline for the process. The timeline will tell students exactly how long the application process will take and the dates for submitting the reclassification.

“In terms of policy, the biggest change is that it will be housed within the Registrar’s Office since it assists currently enrolled students,” Director of Admissions Courtney Mullen said. “Within the last nine months we have received approximately 30 applications for reclassification.”

Out-of-state students pay more tuition fees than in-state students. Out-of-state students can be reclassified as in-state if they live on campus. If an out-of-state student doesn’t go through the process of becoming in-state, and chooses to live off campus, he will have to pay the full out-of- state tuition. Going through the process of becoming an in-state student prevents this.

There are 11 different ways students can be qualified for in-state tuition. However, all out-of-state students have an opportunity for waived fees if they live on campus. For international students there may be certain exceptions. This is the most up- to-date information until the new policy is approved.

Missouri native and senior Stacia Manning went through the old process of having her fees waived at the end of December.

“I lived on campus for four and a half years, it was convenient and kept me involved in campus activities,” Manning said. “This is the first year I’ve lived off campus and UCA helped make that happen.”

Manning said she registered to vote at the county courthouse, reported to housing and then filled out an application for out-of-state fee waivers and took it to have it notarized. She was required to write an essay on why she should have her fees waived. In a week she was approved. She said the process wasn’t too difficult.

This article originally appeared in the April 6, 2016 print edition of The Echo.

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