Seven Fun and Easy Toddler Activities for Home

When it comes down to entertaining toddlers, it’s all about creativity. Many parents purchase fancy toys and games for their children to play with. Then, once they put the games and toys together, the toddler wants to play with the box the toys came in.

Knowing this, you don’t need to spend a fortune to entertain your child. Consider the following ways you can provide fun and easy activities for your toddler at home.

1. Fort-Building

There are so many fun ways for a toddler to build a fort to play hide-and-seek in. You can use a really large cardboard box to let them decorate as they please.

Find a few chairs and a really large blanket. Drap the blanket over the chairs in order to create a really cool fort. You might even want to add a few pillows on the inside of the fort to make it feel real cozy.

2. Artwork

When you’re introducing different concepts to your toddler, make sure to introduce them to the arts. There’s nothing like the power of beautiful music or the relaxing process of coloring. Have fun with cars coloring pages, crayons and markers.

Create space for your child to make a mess with watercolor paints or clay. Though this process might get a bit messy, it’s okay to put a smock or an apron on your little one. It’s also wise to use some tarp or newspaper to cover the floor and table where your toddler will be working on their project.

3. Trampoline

Trampolines are amazing because they give children the feeling as though they’re free-falling in the air. A trampoline is also an excellent way to get a child to exert pent-up energy before it’s time to go down for a midday nap. Put on some upbeat music, and encourage them to jump to the beat.

To protect your little one from getting hurt, consider getting a caged trampoline. Caged trampolines will allow them to jump freely without fear of falling on the ground.

4. Reading

It’s never too early to start reading to and with your toddler. Many toddlers are voracious readers (and listeners) because it gives them the opportunity to use their imagination. It’s really good to encourage reading as an activity they enjoy on a daily basis.

You can set aside thirty minutes every day to focus on reading. You might even choose to break it up with fifteen minutes of reading after lunch and another fifteen minutes of reading before bedtime.

5. Simon Says

Simon Says is a perfect game to teach children about their body parts, different objects and more. Every time you play Simon Says, consider playing in a different room of the house.

If you’re playing in the kitchen, you can tell your child that Simon says to touch the dishwasher, a fork and a napkin. Of course, it’s fun to do the body parts as well. Just add rooms for some creativity.

6. Bubble Baths

There are so many inventions that have made bubble baths evolve. Now, there are colorful bath bombs and bath paint for children who want to have fun.

However, you can always keep it simple with a bubble bath solution from the grocery store. Then, tell your toddler to grab their favorite water-friendly toys. Once they jump in the bubble bath with their favorite toys, many children can easily last thirty minutes in the tub.

As they’re occupied with the toys and bubbles, you can use this time to light a candle and read a book in the same room. You never want to leave a child unattended in the bathtub. Safety must always come first.

7. Cooking

It’s an activity you have to take care of anyway. You might as well find ways to get your toddler involved as well. They might want to help you mix the brownies or add the canned tomatoes to the homemade spaghetti sauce.

As you help them to get in touch with their culinary side, you’ll also develop a helper in the kitchen. This will definitely come in handy in the years to come.

When you’re trying to figure out how to keep your toddler occupied, look no further than this list. If you have a ton of work to do on your laptop, some of these activities are amazing for your toddler to enjoy while you work. This list is especially helpful if you’re trying to make sure your television or tablet aren’t the ones babysitting your child. Keep your child’s mind stimulated with these activities for a great experience at home.

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