RSL Art Union Charity

Established in the wake of the First World War, the RSL Art Union Charity was created to help veterans in need of assistance. Many of the soldiers who returned from what was then the largest global conflict in human history found it difficult to reintegrate into society. Due to issues such as PTSD, depression, and an onslaught of mild to serious physical injuries, many veterans were unable to restart their lives. Many fell into poverty, or worse. The RSL Art Union Charity was created as a direct response to these issues.

In the decades since its creation, the RSL Art Union Charity has become known for two things. The first would be the millions they have contributed to helping soldiers from all walks of life. The second would be the extraordinary prizes that are offered through the charity’s draws.

A Quick Look At The RSL Art Union Charity

Operating from branches all throughout Australia, the RSL utilizes the millions made from their draws to provide a number of different services to both current and past-serving personnel. Their efforts provide relief to not only current and former soldiers, but to their families, as well.

What Are The Main Services Of The RSL Art Union Charity?

Participation in the RSL Art Union Charity is fairly straightforward. The charity sells tickets for a number of drawings held throughout the year. On a handful of occasions each year, the stakes are upped with the offer of a brand-new, fully-furnished luxury home like this on the Gold Coast.

Before we discuss how to take part, it can be helpful to learn more about the many services the charity has provided since 1956:

  • Assistance to approximately 3200 DVA claims each year.
  • Hospital/home visits for approximately 8300 people each year.
  • More than eighty housing options with an emphasis on low costs and safety.
  • Counseling and support for current and past veterans.
  • Scholarship programs.
  • School programs, designed to educate children on soldiers who gave their lives in defense of freedom.

The above represents only a brief summary of what the charity ultimately offers.

How Can I Participate In The RSL Art Union Charity?

With more than $5-million devoted to physical/psychological rehab, there is no question that the RSL Art Union Charity is invaluable in what they do.

Each year, the charity hosts roughly ten prize home draws. One recent draw concluded with the lucky winner receiving a portfolio of properties. This portfolio gave the winner a stunning city location, in addition to being valued at 2.4-million. The portfolio itself consisted of three completely furnished, highly desirable apartment complexes. An upcoming draw will award the winner a beachfront apartment complex that is valued at more than six million.

A single ticket for one of these draws will cost you $10. This does not include any additional perks or bonuses. However, depending on how much you are willing to pay, it is possible to buy large groups of tickets at a discount. “Bonus Gold” is also included with some of these tiers.

For those who want to contribute regularly, or who want the best chance to win big, there is a VIP program made available.

What Is The RSL Art Union Charity VIP Membership?

One of the most popular aspects of the RSL Art Union Charity would be the VIP Membership program. One of the biggest benefits of supporting the charity in this fashion is the opportunity to be entered in all ten annual prize home drawings. This is done automatically. Sponsors on this level are also entered into several VIP-exclusive draws. This includes a Gold Bullion draw that is valued at nearly 2-million.

There is also a weekly cash draw, which VIP members will be entered into automatically. The current value of the weekly cash draws is 5K. There are also additional 100K drawings, but these are held quarterly.

All in all, VIP members have the opportunity to win an additional 4.26-million in additional cash pots and other prizes.


A single 3.25-million prize drawing held by the charity last year netted the organization an impressive 17-million. It is not difficult to see how the money is utilized, nor is it difficult to appreciate the overwhelming popularity of these events. More often than not, the charity sells out all of their tickets for any given drawing.

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