Millennial Dating Terms You Need To Know

n the dating world being successful is all about being familiar with the terminology of the generation that you are dating. Men that are engaging with millennial women need to be familiar with what these women are saying.

Terms You Need To Know

When you are making plans to date a millennial there are some terms that you are just going to need to be familiar with. The following helps those that may be dating a millennial even though they are not part of the millennial generation.

The Dating Process

It is good to have ability to recognize terms like this, because these are going to be the type of terms that come up in conversations with millennial relationships on a regular basis. It definitely feels better to be part of the in crowd that is aware of the way that the millennial generation speaks.

  • Lit – a description of something that is a lot of fun
  • Blowed – any place that has a large crowd
  • Bae – an abbreviation for baby, but it is literally an acronym that means “before anyone else”
  • Fire – a term, often used in emoji form, that describes something that is really good
  • Situationship – outings that have no strings attached
  • Netflix and Chill – a pretense of watching television that is proceeded sexual activity

No one wants to feel like an outsider so it makes sense to learn what these women are saying when they are referencing certain things. When a date is over it may be very common for your date to say that the concert or the meal was fire. It is also common for a date to say that the event was lit or the restaurant was blowed. These are all good things that are indicators that the date went well.

How They Process a Good Time

It is not uncommon for a millennial to ask you if you like to smoke. If you are dating a girl who smokes weed there is a good chance that she will consider this to be the actual date. Something as simple as sitting on a couch and getting high may be the only goal. There may be no actual outing. Getting the weed and smoking it will be the whole agenda.

Recognizing The Stoner

When you are dating a girl who smokes weed there are going to be signs. There is a great chance that she will have a bong inside of her home. There will also be lighters and a number of women that smoke weed will also have a plethora of candles in the home. This is typically one of the ways that they fade out the scent of marijuana if they’re having guests over.

Don’t Get Too Attached

The millennial generation may be the closest thing to a Woodstock generation stoners when it comes to their titles for relationships. This is why the situationship phrase has become so popular with the millennial crowd. They are not into labeling their outings and the time that they are spending with someone.

They are not in a place where they are considering any of this to be cheating because they have not committed themselves in a relationship. There are a lot of men and women that may hang out with someone and even engage in intimate acts, but there will be no labels. People that find themselves having situationships are still going to label themselves as single even though they could have had a number of interactions with tons of members of the opposite sex or the same sex.

Baby Baby Baby

Older generations coined baby as a term of endearment. For the millennial generation bae is the catch phrase that has become the game changer for the millennial generation. Everyone that is a millennial is not looking for a situationship. At the extreme other end of the spectrum there are going to be millennials that are interested in being in a relationship. They want to be bae.

Similarly, the concept of a night with a Netflix and chill proposal is also something that transcends from situationships to relationships. It is a discreet way of saying what you want without really saying it.

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