Germany: thousands in streets for legalization of cannabis while cannabis and CBD investing heat up in the US

In Berlin, 4000 people took to the streets to request the legalization of cannabis last week. Meanwhile, the cannabis and CBD investing craze catches fire on the other side of the Atlantic.

In Canada and parts of the US, investors and patrons alike are starting to lick their fingers at the tastiness of cannabis edibles and the investing opportunity they represent. Denver, Colorado based West Coast Ventures Corp. (OTC: WCVC) for example, is capitalizing on the growing adoption of CBD (cannabidiol, the non psycho-active part of the cannabis plant) to expand its themed Illegal Burger restaurant franchises into more revenue generating locations.

The company recently expanded its Illegal Brands portfolio to create an Illegal Pizza restaurant, which opened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on June 13, 2019 and has already proven wildly popular with consumers.

West Coast Ventures previously rose to fame by becoming America’s first CBD restaurant stock via an official announcement that was made on July 30, 2019.

During the course the last fiscal year (2018), WCVC earned $3,054,623 in revenue and witnessed consistent year-over-year growth. And the company expects this trend to continue well into 2019 and 2020. The first quarter of 2019 already saw year-over-year revenue growth of 21.55% in what is traditionally known as a slow slow quarter in the restaurant industry.

But in places like Germany, people are not celebrating the “hemp party” just yet. Several thousand people demonstrated in Berlin with a “Hanfparade” (Hemp Parade) for the legalization of cannabis yesterday. According to the organizers, about 4000 supporters of liberal drug policy took to the streets on Saturday, August 10. The train went from the famous Alexanderplatz via the boulevard Unter den Linden to the government district. Posters depicted slogans like “Alcohol kills, Cannabis heals” or “Der Schwarzmarkt kennt keinen Jugendschutz”(the black market does not protect our youth).

The Pirate Party, the Left Party as well as the Greens also took part in the parade with their own music vans. A Green banner called for specialty drug stores i.e. cannabis dispensaries. In the run-up to what has now become the 23rd  edition of the Hemp Parade, Werner Graf, chairman of the Green Party in Berlin said: “We want to ensure that cannabis can be distributed to adults in a controlled manner in Berlin.”

The opposition CDU faction in Berlin took the floor on Twitter: “It is irresponsible that the Green Party and the Left in Berlin call for the legalization of cannabis at the H-Parade.” It would be intolerable if parks and railway stations were to be turned into “drug-handling centers.”

But this year’s edition of the Hemp Parada will not soon be forgotten by two young men from Berlin hailing from Berlin. Charges brought against include dangerous interference into traffic, bodily injury, and property damage, charges that could lead to heavy prison sentences, according to the police. What happened?

Together with an acquaintance, the two 21- and 22-year-old men were on their way to the Alexanderplatz in Grunerstrasse. A 55-year-old man drove his car in the same direction near Jüdenstraße. In his rear mirror, he noticed that one of the three men had thrown a bottle in his direction.

The bottle hit the road in front of him and splintered. The driver hit the brakes and exited his car to confront the rioters. Meanwhile, the three protesters overturned several electric scooters parked by the side of the road.

As the driver approached the group, the 21-year-old confronted him and tried to hit him on the head with a bottle. The attempt failed as the 55-year-old man was able to avoid the blows. During this time, he was repeatedly pushed by another unknown perpetrator. The man later managed to escape. Between the other two perpetrators and the victim there, a quarrel took place and the victim fell to the ground.

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